Julie Andrews is a matriarch of a big family. She has married twice in her 86 years on the earth and has five children from her two marriages.

Only one of them is biological, though. She had her first and only biological kid with her first husband and gained two step-children from her second marriage.

The remaining two, though, she adopted. Here's what we know about her children now. 

Julie Andrews’s Marriages

Andrews's first husband was set designer Tony Walton. She married him on May 10, 1959, and had their only child, daughter Emma Kate, in 1962.

They divorced in 1968, and Andrews moved on with director Blake Edwards, marrying him in 1969. It was a second marriage for Edwards, too, who had two children with his previous wife.

Julie Andrews’s Biological and Adopted Children

Emma Walton Hamilton

Emma Kate Walton was born on November 27, 1962, at The London Clinic in London. She grew up sharing time between London, Los Angeles, and New York City.

She married Stephen Hamilton in 1991, becoming Emma Walton Hamilton. They have two kids — daughter Hope Mariah Hamilton, an aspiring actress, born on August 17, 2003, and son Sam Hamilton.


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Emma has collaborated with her mother on various things, but mostly in writing. They have written more than a few books together, including her memoir, Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years, in 2019.

Other than writing, Emma is also a children's book author, actress, director, and an MFA level instructor.

Amy Leigh Edwards

Andrews and Edwards wanted their own kids. But it never happened for the couple. So they turned to adoption to fulfill their wishes.

The actress adopted her first adopted kid, daughter Amy Leigh Edwards, in 1974. They got her from an orphanage in Vietnam when she was just two months old.

Amy now has a family of her own. Reports suggest she was once with a man named Lauren Scheff and has a son named Maximilian Scheff.

"Amy came into our lives and it was wonderful," she said of adopting Amy during an interview with Now To Love in October 2015. However, they weren't satisfied with one.

Joanna Edwards

Within three months of adopting Amy, Andrews got her second adopted daughter, Joanna Edwards.

"We said ‘We know you are not going to be able to do this for long. Once the South falls [adoptions will cease] so if you care to send us another one, please do,'" she recalled saying to the orphanage. And they did.

Julie Andrews with her late husband, Blake Edwards, and their two adopted children, Amy Leigh and Joanna.

Julie Andrews with her late husband, Blake Edwards, and their two adopted children, Amy Leigh and Joanna. (Photo: Source)

Joanna was just five months old when she became a part of the Edwards household in 1975.

Julie Andrews's Step-children

Through her marriage to Edwards, she became a stepmother to Jennifer and Geoffrey Edwards. By the time she adopted her daughters, they were almost grown-up.

Both Jennifer and Geoffrey are in the entertainment business. Jennifer is an actress with 36-odd acting credits to her name, and Geoffrey is a director who hasn't worked as of late.

Life after Children, Grandchildren, and Great-Grandchildren

With three daughters to take care of in the house, Andrews started to withdraw from acting. She took time off and, at some points, completely stopped working.

"I wanted to be there," she said. "To make a proper protein breakfast for them before school in the morning. To go to parent-teacher interviews."

And she enjoyed raising her kids, especially her adopted children. The biggest challenge was to get the girls to adapt to American society and life.

"It's been wonderful to watch two pale, sad-eyed creatures blossom," Andrews told People in 1977.

All her children are now grown up, and although she isn't that open about her family life, she mentions her family here and there.

She now has nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Her grandchildren are Kayti, Hannah, Isabelle, Hank, Maximilian, Sam, Hope, and one more whose name we don't know yet. As for her great-grandchildren, their names reportedly are Shealy, Kadden, and Ever.