Josh Chasteen is a trending topic of discussion around the TikTok community.

The Lebanon Junior High health teacher went viral last week after posting a TikTok video on his account, stating that he would cancel an upcoming test for his students if a professional sports team commented on the video.

The video quickly went viral on the platform and victoriously received responses from various NFL teams, including the Detroit Lions, the New England Patriots, the Chicago Bears, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It didn’t stop there, as the TikTok accounts for several league-wide organizations responded as well, including the WNBA, NASCAR, and the official Olympics account.


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As promised, Chasteen canceled the test, which would have been on the muscular system. He also posted a follow-up video that showed him rolling out the TV cart.

Josh Chasteen’s Viral TikTok Videos

All the videos Chasteen has posted on TikTok related to the cancellation of the test so far have received huge viewership.

For instance, the first video he posted, writing, “I told my students I’ll cancel our last test if a pro sports team comments,” has received over 54.9 million views, 8.8 million likes, and 171,200 comments.

“what about the CEO of a pro sport?” the official handle of NFL commented in the post.

Similarly, Olympics’ handle wrote, “Any sport in particular? We’ve got lots.”

A few days later, Chasteen posted another video updating his followers that he had canceled the test after receiving comments from the “entire sports world.”


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In the video, he headbanged to the song ‘Drilla,’ while his students did the same in the background.

“Thank you sports world for the incredible Christmas gift for my students! #GivingSzn #fyp,” he captioned his post.

The video has received more than 8 million videos, 1.3 million likes, and 8000 comments — as of this writing.

“When your week involves over 50 million views, 250k new followers, and an appearance on ESPN,” he wrote in another video, describing his week.

Josh Chasteen Makes It to ESPN

After the videos went viral, the TikTok star was soon invited to make an appearance (virtually) on ESPN’s SportsCenter.

During the interview with the ESPN anchor, Chasteen shared the school year had been “pretty stressful” over the last year due to the pandemic.

“Kids have been through a lot, the teachers have been through a lot,” he said. “This time of the year when you have a bunch of tests to take, it’s just a high-stress time.”

But the video made the school and students excited and “optimistic that one team would comment.”

“...but as they started pouring in, it was really pretty crazy,” he added.

Who Is Josh Chasteen?

The viral sensation and a full-time health teacher hails from Lebanon, Ohio.

A scroll through his social media also shows that he is a loving husband to his wife, Andi Chasteen.

Viral TikTok star Josh Chasteen with his wife, Andi Chasteen, and their kids.

Viral TikTok star Josh Chasteen with his wife, Andi Chasteen, and their kids. (Photo: Instagram)

Earlier this year, on July 24, he celebrated his 11th wedding anniversary with his wife, sharing a couple of pictures of them on Instagram.

The first picture was from his wedding day, while another was a recent picture of them.

The couple has three children: two daughters and a son.