The winner of NBC's reality show Last Comic Standing, Josh Blue has wowed audiences with his quirky personality. 

The comedian has cerebral palsy, and most of his self-deprecating comedy revolves around this, which led to him being a finalist on America's Got Talent

Since he stormed into the comedy spotlight, the main focus, though, has been on Blue's relationship with his former wife, children, and his new possible partner. 

All About Josh Blue's Former wife

Blue was previously married to a woman of Japanese descent. He got hitched to his former wife Yuko Kubota in 2008 and stayed married until 2014. 

They met through a common acquaintance in Beijing. The comedian fell madly in love with her almost instantly and decided to tie the knot with her.

Josh Blue posing for a photo

Josh Blue posing for a photo. (Source: Instagram)

The comedian went on to claim that he thought his then-partner to be quite deadpan. 

He made a point of saying that she had a habit of making him laugh all the time since she saw the world in such a different way than he did.

This was a feature that the comedian admired in her because he thought it was fun to get an alternative perspective on things every now and then.

Although he was fond of his former wife, the comedian struggled to persuade her and her parents because he was an American with a disability.

Ultimately, everything fared smoothly, and the pair got married and began living with each other in 2007. The married couple has two beautiful children, Seika and Simon.

The disparity in their cultures, lifestyles, and customs caused continual disagreements and misunderstandings between the two. Evidently, disputes arose early in their relationship, making it problematic for them to continue.

Blue and his former wife officially separated in 2014, with the grounds for their split being hidden from the public.

The year following his breakup with his former wife, the Blue was witnessed on social media adoring his potential love interest with the remark 'Me and my lovely lady.'

On the other hand, Blue has yet to marry his love Mercy Gold formally. Since 2016, the two appear to be content around each other. 

According to their Instagram handles, they seem to be co-parenting the kids from the comedian's first marriage.

Josh Blue with his current partner and kids from his ex wife

Josh Blue with his current partner and kids from his former wife. (Source: Instagram)

Josh Blue and His Children

In 2008, the American comedian welcomed his first child, Simon. Seika, his daughter, was born a few years later, and the family grew.

When questioned in an interview with Life of Dad about the initial thoughts that leaped to mind when he learned out he was expecting a child, he responded that he was terrified.

Blue went on to say that he had desired to be a father since he was a kid and that he imagined himself as the coolest parent in the area, whom all the kids would seek out.

With fifty percent custody, the quirky comedian confidently declares that he is a full-time father who adores his children very much.

Despite this, Blue has succeeded in juggling career and family so well as a single father, he describes himself as a highly hands-on father.