When Stranger Things season four premiered on May 27, 2022, one particular person became the talk of the town — Joseph Quinn. 

Quinn joined the beloved cast as Eddie Munson, the founder of Hawkins High’s Hellfire Club, a group dedicated to Dungeons & Dragons. He quickly became a fan favorite and joined the list of Hollywood’s latest break-out stars. 

Quinn was dubbed the new IT boy, and with the newfound interest in the British actor naturally, fans only wanted to know one thing — Is Joseph Quinn dating anyone?

The curiosity gained peak interest once DeuxMoi reported Quinn could be dating Alana Haim, the pianist, guitarist, and vocalist of the American pop rock band Haim. 

Is Joseph Quinn Dating Alana Haim?

According to a blind item sent in by a follower on August 14, 2022, Quinn and Haim were spotted together in Italy, spurring dating rumors.

The anonymous user added the Stranger Things star was making the most of his newfound fame and was very active on Raya. 

For those out of the loop, Raya is a private, membership-based social network application for iOS users. It was initially launched as a dating app, but over time, it transitioned into a networking site. 

Deuxmoi's blind item claiming Joseph Quinn and Alana Haim are allegedly dating

Deuxmoi's blind item claiming Joseph Quinn and Alana Haim are allegedly dating. (Source: Instagram)

It is unconfirmed if this is true, but there are videos and photos of the actor and his alleged girlfriend floating around the internet. 

One of the photos, uploaded by a fan account, featured Quinn and Haim seated beside each other as they posed with a group of friends. According to the caption, the photo was allegedly taken in Italy. 

Meanwhile, in a TikTok video uploaded by user Gabby who goes by @marvelousgab, the duo seemed to be at what appeared to be a music festival.

Haim was singing her heart out while her friend carried her on his shoulders. Quinn was standing beside them, wearing a red cowboy hat. Quinn then turned around and passed Haim another of the same red cowboy hat which she wore. 


A post shared by Alana haim (@alanahaim)

Fans on Reddit pointed out that the duo has never been spotted alone. Instead, they were always with the Haim sisters or in a larger group.

Joseph Quinn and Alicia Davis

Before this rumor started, Quinn was linked to Alicia Davis, an Australian model signed to her native modeling agency, Kult. 

In July 2022, a video of the actor enjoying a drink with a red-headed woman outside a London bar spread on TikTok. Later, fans identified the woman as Davis.

However, neither of them addressed the speculation. Also, they did not seem to follow each other on social media. 

It is worth noting that Quinn only joined Instagram in May 2022 and once admitted that his account was managed by someone else. 

His Instagram account is strictly professional, with images of his Stranger Things character posters, shots from events and promos, and behind-the-scene clips. Unfortunately, there is not much personal information for one to dig for his dating history.