Jonathan Cheban has been known as Kim Kardashian’s BFF for a long time. Throughout the years, he has appeared in many shows including Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

However, perhaps the appearance that was discussed most was when he came up on Celebrity Big Brother in 2016. His appearance had been highly anticipated as Kim had previously tweeted about him being in the show before it was confirmed by Channel 5.

Did Jonathan Cheban Undergo Plastic Surgery?

After the episode of the show came out, many viewers took to Twitter to talk about the show. And many among them started questioning whether Cheban had undergone plastic surgery to achieve his vastly different look compared to before.

Some people posted before and after pictures, highlighting just how different Cheban looked when juxtaposed. As the Twitter debate surrounding Cheban’s plastic surgery intensified, OK magazine reported that two professionals thought Cheban had gone under the knife.

Miss. Caroline Mills, a facial plastic surgeon from London, pointed out that it was highly likely Cheban had opted for rhinoplasty surgery as well as a mini facelift. She also noted that he might have also undergone pinnaplasty to alter the projection of his ears.

Another expert, Dr. Kishan Raichura, a cosmetic doctor and injectable expert, talked about Cheban’s other features, which hinted at him getting plastic surgery.

Jonathan has a remarkably smooth forehead for a man of 41, strongly suggesting extensive use of muscle relaxing injections, such as Botox. His cheeks look fuller and his chin is also slightly sharper, which could both be the result of dermal fillers, or even a chin implant.

Dr. Raichura further added that his facial skin appeared plump and firm compared to his neck and that it could be a result of collagen-boosting treatments such as Exilis Elite.

Jonathan Cheban’s Altercation With Sophisticated Vegan

Back in February 2017, Cheban set his Instagram account to private after he was called out for body-shaming a vegan blogger, Nancy Sidley, who goes by the Instagram handle: Sophisticated Vegan.

Cheban called her “the worst looking vegan alive” adding that he wanted beef if that’s what vegans looked like.

Sidley addressed the issue, saying it wasn’t good to be putting people down based on their looks.

I can’t believe @kimkardashian is BFF’s with this guy? What if North grows up and doesn’t want to get any plastic surgery like me? Would he say the same things to her? The Kardashian brand should not be about putting down women based on their looks, and he is a part of their brand.


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Cheban has since set his Instagram back to public and he primarily posts about his day-to-day life alongside his food adventures. He goes by the handle @foodgod and, as suggested by his name, he is big into food.

Back in February 2015, Cheban opened the fast-food restaurant Burger Bandit in Lynbrook, New York. He also launched his podcast Foodgod: OMFG in late 2019.