The Bon Jovi frontman, Jon Bon Jovi, has a huge fan base and has garnered much love from his fans throughout his career. 

He has been married to his college sweetheart for more than four decades. Jovi and his wife, Dorothea Bongiovi, have known each other since they were kids.

However, they began dating each other during their 20s and finally got married in 1989. 

Jovi, his wife, and his children are remarkably close to one another.


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He loves his family and always focuses on them as his primary responsibility.

Jon Bon Jovi and His Wife

The couple shares four children. When talking to People, Jovi revealed that the secret to their happy family was "mutual respect."

He added that they had seen each other grow, which was the best part of their rock-solid bond. They like each other and always find time to hang out together.

The couple said they work hard to save their relationship from negative energy. But, Jovi and his wife didn't have to invest much time into it as the couple enjoyed themselves every day.

They said they had witnessed marriages of people close and far from them, but they "never fell for the trappings of what a celebrity can do," said the 'Livin on a Prayer' singer.

The 'It's My Life' rocker and his wife stuck with each other through thick and thin. The couple got married when the singer was at the peak of his career. 

She had to take care of her children while her husband managed his schedule between training, tours, and family.

To this, his wife said that it "somehow worked," because they both understood each other and grew parallelly.


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Jovi dedicated his successful career and marriage to his high school sweetheart, Bongiovi. He said she was the glue that kept him sane and composed.

Jovi and his wife founded the Soul Foundation in 2006. 

The rockstar said he was the happiest man because he loved what he did with his career, and most of all, Jovi did it by keeping his family by his side.

Jovi was with his family the whole time during the pandemic. He, his wife, and his children spent more time in the house together than they ever had.

The singer's focus has always been his family, and he even mentioned that spending time with them turned out to be "therapeutic."

Jon Bon Jovi and His Children

Jovi and his wife have a daughter, along with three sons. 

They welcomed their eldest daughter, Stephanie, in 1993. Jovi is close to her daughter, which he made visible to his fans through Instagram.

He posts about her occasionally and speaks highly of her. 

Jovi wrote the song, 'I've Got The Girl' for his daughter during one of his concerts.

While he was playing a video of his daughter singing the music in the background. His daughter couldn't hold herself and joined her dad on the stage.

Jon bon Jovi with  his wife and children

Jon Bon Jovi with his wife and children. (Source: Jon Bon Jovi's Instagram)

In 2012, Jovi's daughter was arrested in drug cases as they suspected her of being overdosed on heroin. Jovi said it was the "worst experience as a father."

But he kept his composure and did everything he could to take his daughter out from the dirt and help her reform her life. As a result, she now works as a camera operator in television.

The duo has three more kids. They welcomed their son, Jesse, in 1995. He is as successful as his father as a businessman.

They expanded their family to six with their other two sons, Jacob and Romeo, in 2002 and 2004, respectively.

Jacob, also known as Jake, completed high school in 2020. While there isn't much information for Jovi's youngest son, he seems to like his father's company a lot.