John Larroquette spent almost a decade of his acting career playing crude and womanizing lawyer Dan Fielding in the original Night Court (1984-1982).

The New Orleans native was so convincing as Fielding that the role earned him a record-making four Emmy wins between 1985 and 1988.

In the original series, his character spent most of his free time leering at women or hitting on his fellow attorney, Christine Sullivan, portrayed by Markie Post. 

However, Larroquette, at the time having crossed his mid-fifties, was nothing like the character in real life. He was and has been loyal to the only woman in his life — his wife, Elizabeth Ann Cookson. The pair together makes an exception in Hollywood where marriages are not always long-lasting.

And now, the star of the sitcom The John Larroquette Show and horror movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre is back with the series continuation of the original Night Court in 2023. 

This time, his character, who in the original series was the former assistant district attorney for Harry's court, returns as a public defender in the court of Harry's daughter, Abby Stone (Melissa Rauch). 

Dan Fielding was added to the cast in the revival as the only remaining original cast. Other prominent casts include Mellisa Rauch, India de Beaufort, Kapil Talwalkar, and Lacretta. 

But although Laroquette reprises his original role, his character Dan Fielding's prime days as a sex-obsessed serial womanizer are over.

Still, the spills of Fielding's previous plotlines and the character's personality buildup have remained because of which the public prosecutor has still been shown as a woman magnet, as many ladies want to bond with the "silver fox." 

Read the full article to get exclusive information on the Night Court star's marital status, past dating timelines, net worth, height, age, children, family roots, and how he was in his young days. 

How old is John Larroquette?

Born on 25 November 1947 (age 75) in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States, to a department store clerk Berthalla Oramous and a navy officer John Edgar Larroquette Jr., John Larroquette has his family roots in France from his paternal grandfather's side, His French grandfather, John Larroquette Se., had moved to the United States in 1895. 

John Larroquette grew up in the part of the city that was famous as a party and vacation zone. 

"I thought every kid grew up in that kind of environment. It wasn't until later that I realized the sight of a man walking around with a toilet seat around his neck was not an everyday sight in other cities," Larroquette noted of his childhood to The Washington Post.

Growing up as a child into his high school (Francis T. Nicholls High School) days, Larroquette learned and played saxophone and clarinet. he was even a part of a band called The N.U.D.L.E.S (The New Universal Demonstration for Love, Ecstasy, and Sound) he formed with his high-school friend.

In his senior year at his high school, the Baa Baa Black actor discovered acting through his school programs.

At the time, the "lousy student" with poor academics but an avid reader also won a state high school speech title and was awarded a scholarship to Louisiana State University, but he declined and chose to work as a DJ in a radio station before relocating to Hollywood in 1973.   

He later got a golden opportunity to act in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre as a narrator in 1974. Before he landed the role, he was dependent on unemployment paychecks in Los Angeles and was pondering if he should pursue acting. 

And in the story, director Tobe Hopper came to his rescue as he invited Larroquette to test his narration skills for the movie. Four years back, the two had met and bonded in the summer of 1969 when Larroquette was working as a bartender in "a small resort in Colorado" in Grand Lake.    

Is John Larroquette married to a wife or single?

Larroquette, who stands at the height of 6 feet and 4 inches, met his wife actress Elizabeth Larroquette (Elizabeth Ann Cooksonwhile) while working on the play Enter Laughing in 1974. 

The couple fell in love and started dating, and decided to take their relationship to the next level. They got married on 4 July 1975, the only day they had off from rehearsals.

After marriage, the actor suffered from alcoholism from the mid-70s to the early 80s. Finally, he had a sudden moment of clarity in February 1982. Determined to turn his life around, he quit drinking and luckily booked his role on Night Court.

Eventually, the McBride actor balanced working on his craft and being a devoted husband and a father to his kids. 

And after decades of working in show business, the veteran star decided that he was ready to wind down with his wife of nearly five decades.

During an interview with Closer Weekly in 2017, he said, “There was a lot of time apart because of the logistics of raising a family and maintaining a career. We’re now a couple again and try to find the pleasure in that.” 

Up until now, there have been no reports regarding John Larrouette's past dating life. 

Do John Larroquette and his wife Elizabeth Larroquette have a Daughter?

In the same interview, the actor talked about his love for his children. 

“I took being a father seriously. I love my children for eternity, try to help them as much as I can, and still allow them to be themselves,” said the Practice star. He shared he wanted to be there for kids as much as possible as a person who grew up without a dad.

Larroquette and his wife Elizabeth are parents to three children: daughter Lisa Katherina Larroquette, and two sons, Jonathan Larroquette, and Benjamin Larroquette.

But not all of them are his biological children. His biological kids are only his sons; he got his daughter from his wife's previous relationship. 

John Larroquette with his wife and children, Jonathan and Lisa.

John Larroquette with his wife Elizabeth and children, Jonathan and Lisa. (Photo: Instagram/Jonathan Larroquette)

"Biologically we only share our mom. I’m not sure what or if that mattered to her but I don’t think I can convey what an enormous part of my life and formative years she is," Jonathan shared on his Instagram post, celebrating his sister's birthday in July 2022. He explained he was grateful for her presence and guidance in life.  

According to her Instagram bio, Lisa is a home chef and graphic designer. She is married and has at least one son. 

She did not follow in her parent’s footsteps in show business apparently, unlike her younger brothers. 

The youngest, Ben, graduated from Berklee College of Music and is known for his love of music and interest in projects meant to make the environment more resilient.

Jonathan, @jonathanlarroquette, is an actor and composer who has worked on films such as Payne (1999), Happy Family (2003), and Wednesday Again (2008). 

But while his father established a career as a womanizing lawyer and all-American father figure, Jonathan found passion in comedy. He is one half of the very successful comedy podcast, Uhh Yeah, Dude

"Trying to make people laugh is a direct result of how much you made me laugh and how intense and powerful that feeling was for me growing up," Jonathan captioned a Father's Day post, revealing that his dad was the inspiration behind his passion.