Despite all the highs and lows in life, John Barrowman and his husband, Scott Gill, have found each other’s back.

In the most recent instance, in June 2021, the Doctor Who actor was backed by his gay partner, Gill, following claims that he had repeatedly exposed himself on the set of the BBC dramas.

“It’s been a ‘challenging’ 3 weeks for both of us, watching @JohnScotBarrowman get hounded in the press & viciously attacked by trolls,” Gill wrote on Instagram.


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He continued to show care for Barrowman, adding, “But mostly it’s been amazing how many wonderful people have rallied around in support.”

John Barrowman and Husband Stayed Strong despite Online Hate

The online trolling against Barrowman started after a 2015 video from a fan convention went viral. In the video, Noel Clarke alleged that Barrowman took “his [expletive] out every five minutes.”

Clarke also asked his co-star Camille Coduri if she remembered “that time he put it on your shoulder in the makeup truck?” to which she responded with, “Yes, I do.”

Barrowman later addressed the claims by denying all the accusations. He, however, admitted to “tomfoolery” on the set of the BBC show.

The Torchwood actor was involved in a similar incident back in 2008. He reportedly had to apologize after pulling down his trousers during an interview with BBC Radio 1.

At the time, he explained himself by saying that he had joined in “the light-hearted and fun banter of the show” but “went too far.”

Meanwhile, despite all the backlash and accusations, Barrowman and his husband have stayed strong.

John Barrowman with his husband Scott Gill.

John Barrowman with his husband Scott Gill. (Photo: Instagram)

As stated earlier, Gill even thanked the people who trusted them and sent supportive messages during their challenging times. 

“To all of you who have sent us lovely messages - THANK YOU!” the actor’s longtime partner noted in his Instagram post.

John Barrowman and Scott Gill Together since 1991

Barrowman and Gill have been together since they first met at the Chichester Festival Theatre in 1991.

According to The Sun, they were introduced by a friend, as Gill had come to see Barrowman in a production of Rope. On the other hand, the actor instantly fell in love with his now-husband.

The tabloid further reported that Barrowman claimed he knew he had found the man “he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.”

The gay couple soon started their relationship, and eventually entered into a civil partnership on December 27, 2006, at St David’s Hotel in Cardiff, Wales.


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Moreover, they were also among the first people to legally marry in the state of California, after gay marriage was made legal on July 2, 2013.

In the following year, they had been regularly spotted together at various events and through their social media handles. 

For instance, Barrowman dedicated his Instagram post to his husband on December 28, 2020. He made the post to mark their anniversary.

“I’m off to make coffee and put icing on my buns...Lol Happy Anniversary to us! Jb and @scottmale,” the actor captioned his post. 

The gay couple, however, is yet to have — or confirm if they have — son or daughter together.