Joe Pantoliano is a Hollywood veteran, with well over 150 acting credits to his name and counting. And for a good chunk of those acting jobs, he portrayed shady characters like pimps and hustlers.

One character that especially stood out was his persona of Ralph Cifaretto for HBO's The Sopranos. Although that seems to be his signature persona, his family has testified to outlets that the actor in real life is nothing like the characters he played in his movies. 

Joe Is a Softie in Real Life

While the actor and his family consumed his content diligently, they were at times disgusted by some of the things he did for the camera. 

For instance, People once reported that Joe's step-daughter, Melody, was disgusted by his character in the HBO hit series when he was filmed beating his pregnant stripper girlfriend to death under the influence of drugs. 

The outlet clarified that his family was well aware that he was nothing like his characters. His wife, Nancy Sheppard, even admitted that she had mixed feelings about his role back then.

She affirmed that in direct contrast to his roles, the actor was a "softie" with their children—Melody, Daniella, Isabella, and his son from his first marriage, Marco. She added that he joked with them all the time. 

Still, the actor confessed that one of his family members—his daughter Melody—had to suffer from a downside of his on-screen persona. 

There’s not a boy in Melody’s school who will ask her out on a date. They say, ‘Oh, you’re Ralphie’s daughter.’

That being said, these interactions were recorded two decades ago. Now, the next generation Pantolianos have moved on to doing different things with their lives. 

Daniella Pantoliano

Daniella is the eldest of Joe and Nancy's children. Much like her father, she chose to pursue a career in Hollywood and currently works as a filmmaker. Her Instagram bio also describes her as a yoga instructor and a wanderer. 

Isabella Sheppard-Pantoliano

Next in line would be Isabella, who let her father's roots in Hollywood be and decided to become a hairstylist instead. According to her Instagram, she works as a stylist at Paris Salon in Ridgefield, Connecticut. 

Apart from that, her Instagram also acts as her portfolio as the feed is filled to the brim with her amazing work with hair. 

Marco Pantoliano

As for Joe's eldest, Marco, he also found a career in Hollywood, albeit not a notable one. Marco's IMDb credits him with three minor acting roles, a camera and electrical department credit, and one credit for soundtracks. 

His most recent credit dates back to 2011, which would suggest that he decided to switch careers. However, the details on his more recent whereabouts are scant.

Melody Pantoliano

Melody also took a shot at Hollywood, but she has very few credits to her name, like her stepbrother. Her last and only role was that of a waitress in a 2004 flick. Also, like her stepbrother, her more recent outings have not made it to the public eye.