Joe Montana and his spouse, Jennifer Montana, have been going strong for thirty-seven years. 

The two first met each other during a shoot for a television commercial in Los Angeles. According to his wife, Joe had just won his first Super Bowl when he got opportunities to do the commercial. 

A Romantic Tale: Joe Montana and Jennifer Montana

In an interview with Yahoo Life, Joe said he had been on commercials where he was there on his own or had some extras in the background.

He had little conversations on the set. But when he had to shoot with his spouse, he got very nervous and felt a little uncomfortable.

Joe was only thinking about asking Jennifer out to dinner during the shoot. Then the NFL player followed her to the car and asked her if she wanted to hang out.

The couple hit it off the first day they met.

After dating for six months, Joe took his wife to dinner, and at the end of the dinner, he wrote on the cheque, "Jen, what would you say if I asked you to spend the rest of your life with me?" 

To this, his wife said, she had never thought about getting married or a long-term relationship.

She replied to him, "Well, I'm going to have to plead the fifth since you never really asked anything." That was all she could utter, as she had no other answer to it.

Joe Montana and hid wife Jennifer Montana

Joe Montana and his wife, Jennifer Montana. (Source: Instagram)

Joe said he was happy, as he did not get a "no" for an answer. He thought he still had a chance, and he needed to figure out some other way to make it work.

He took this as an opportunity to come up with something creative. He rented a plane that flew with flags around the stadium.

The player contacted the pilot and had him darg a banner that said, "Jen, Will you marry me?"

Their love story started around 1985, and the couple has been inseparable since. 

His wife said, "He is my best friend too, so it's the first person I want to do things with and make time with." 

Joe never thought he would bond with someone over a commercial shoot.

However, Joe had already been married twice before he met his spouse. He had also sued his first wife, Kim Moses, for $75,000 and an auction company auctioning off his items. 

Joe Montana and His Kids

The couple share four kids, Alexandra and Elizabeth, Nathaniel Joseph, and Nicholas Alexander.

Both of their sons played football for De La Salle High School.

Nathaniel became an undrafted free agent from West Virginia Wesleyan and Nicholas undrafted free agent from Tulane University.  

In an interview with Mercury News, Joe said he was very proud and happy to see both of his sons follow in his footsteps by playing football.

Joe and his wife are seen spending their time with their kids and their grandkids. Last year, the headlines regarding the kidnap of their grandchild had hit the news.

The NFL player and his spouse confronted a woman suspected of trying to kidnap their grandchild who was sleeping in a playpen on September 26, 2020.

According to Associated Press, a woman entered their Malibu and grabbed the young one.

The couple attempted to "de-escalate the situation" and confronted the stranger and asked them to return their grandchild.

Though which grandchild has not been revealed, Joe's spouse successfully pulled the child out of the intruder's arms.

Joe Montana and His Upcoming Project 

The NFL player is working on his upcoming project, Joe Montana: Cool Under Pressure sports docuseries about his life and entire career. 

The docuseries will reflect how his career sped up from high school to Notre Dame, where he won a national championship and got into NFL and won the Super Bowl.

The series includes interviews with celebrities, former teammates, coaches, and mentees of Joe.