Over the years, Joe Lycett, a famed comedian and television presenter, has been tight-lipped about his dating life and any potential partner.

In fact, according to The Sun, the television personality has never shared his relationship status publicly. Because of that, most of his fans assume the star is single.

He could also have a partner and keep the details private. But again, nothing could be confirmed until Lycett himself reveals the truth.

Meanwhile, the 8 Out of 10 Cats alum is relatively open about his sexuality and often talks about it in public.

Is Joe Lycett Gay?

While Lycett is not straight, he is not gay either. During a conversation with Unicorn in April 2021, he revealed he was a pansexual man.

That said, he also explained why people thought he was gay. As per him, he was attracted to men during his school, and because of that, he thought he must be gay.

"And then I did come out as gay, maybe towards the end of school, in sixth form," he said.

However, he soon realized that he also found girls really attractive, making him doubt his previous judgment about his sexuality.

An Instagram picture of Joe Lycett holding a trophy.

An Instagram picture of Joe Lycett holding a trophy. (Photo: Instagram)

He continued to share, "So I realized I maybe I hadn't nailed it down. I ended up as bi. But these things happen quite slowly."

In addition, he also clarified that he was neither bisexual nor queer, saying the term "pan" perfectly described his sexuality. "...when I heard the word pan- how that just means 'all'- I thought yeah, fair enough. That sounds a bit more correct," he added.

Joe Lycett Admits Being a Pansexual Isn't Always Easy

Speaking with the previous outlet, Lycett further discussed how society looked at people who were not straight and precisely towards pansexual people.

He shared that as he got older, he realized sexuality was an intangible thing, and some people weren't even bothered by one's sexuality.

But according to him, there are also some places where being anything but straight was like a death sentence.

He, therefore, felt people with similar experiences of sexuality need to help one another and encourage to speak when injustices take place.

"But in an ideal world, there would just be none of it. There would just be consent. And not hurting people," he stated.

Lycett also recalled when Liberal Democrats' MP Layla Moran received backlash for coming out as a pan. He said he was deeply affected by witnessing such hate.

Joe Lycett Tried Dating Apps in the Past

On a rare occasion, the Epic Win announcer confirmed that he had tried out dating apps in an attempt to meet a potential partner.

"I've tried Tinder," he told The Sun.

However, he was not too impressed with the casual nature of the app, leading him to uninstall it sometime later. He explained he wanted something that made him feel more emotional and not sexual.