Jessica Knappett has been happily married to her husband, Dan Crane, since they tied the knot in a private ceremony in September 2016.

Their family life became even more complete when the couple welcomed their first child in the summer of 2017.

At present, the family of three is often seen together, especially through the Drifters star's social media. She posts pictures of her family to keep her followers updated about her happenings.

For instance, she took to Instagram to share a picture of herself alongside her husband showing off their matching outfits for her friend's wedding. 

While she wore a floral orange dress with a long green coat, Crane sported an orange suit and pants with a blue shirt. In another she showcased their underwater adventures.

Jessica Knappett’s First Impression of Her Husband

In case you are wondering how Knappett and her husband, Crane, are such a bright and beautiful couple, know that they have been like this forever.

Contributing a piece for The Guardian in 2017, Knappett gushed about her chemistry with her spouse while sharing her interesting first impression of him.

She shared that in the early days of her career, her producer let her stay at his flat in London when he was away.

One day, the producer mailed her informing her that his friend, Crane, was traveling to London for some work and needed a place to stay.

In the mail, he also asked if his friend could stay in the spare room in the same flat as her.

"I huffed as I Googled him," she wrote while revealing she thought the guest might be "some lonely old man" and she might have to get into "awkward conversations" with him.

Jessica Knappett with her husband Dan Crane frolicking in the snow
Jessica Knappett with her husband, Dan Crane, frolicking in the snow. (Photo: Instagram)

But her guess was wrong. It turned out her producer's friend was young, dashing, and a world champion competitive air guitarist.

She described her impression, by writing, "I scrolled through an image search and soon began to realize that if anything, I was the creepy one. He was hot. Curly dark hair. Dimples. Great arms."

Jessica Knappett Made the Move

After getting to know Crane and living together in the same flat, Knappett was more attracted towards her now-husband.

The 8 Out of 10 Cats star also researched and found out that he was divorced and single at the time they first met. So, she started making the moves by inviting him to comedy gigs and dinners.

And when she felt like they were a thing, he went back to the United States. She even thought of flying to meet him and asking him if he was interested in going on a date with her.

While that was going on, they managed to start a long-distance relationship, and in her own words, they "miraculously" managed to stay together "despite time-zone differences, mounting airfares, and extreme carbon footprint remorse."

After 18 months of the relationship, the two met and decided to get engaged. The two then married privately in 2016.

Knappett and Crane, however, also went through a low phase in their personal lives around 2020 when the actress lost the couple's second expected baby due to a miscarriage.