Jodie Sweetin's reputation of having once been a drug abuser precedes her. It was after her stint as Stephanie Tanner on Full House that she got into the habit of misusing narcotics.

There are many horror stories about her activities while intoxicated, but none were as horrific as her drunk driving with her daughter, Zoie, in the car.

She straightened up after that, but with all these, it became clear she had gotten her propensity to abuse drugs from her biological parents.

About Jodie Sweetin's Biological Parents

Sweetin was given up for adoption when she was a mere infant. At nine months old, she was adopted by her adoptive parents — her uncle Sam Sweetin and his second wife, Janice.

Her biological parents were troubled people, and they gave her up because they could not care for her. Later in life, she admitted that she "never connected" with her real father and mother.

Jodie Sweetin was adopted at 9 months old when her biological parents gave her up for adoption

Jodie Sweetin was adopted at only nine months old. (Photo: Jodie Sweetin/Instagram)

Even though Sam and Janice took her in as their only child, her adoption could not be completed until she was two years old. That, reportedly, was because her biological father was one-fourth Native American.

She was even told not to talk about her adoption in public because that could make people think she was pushed into show business and acting.

From very early in her life, she heard bad tales about her parents. Her mother was a drug abuser, too. "I would hear stories about my mom leaving me to go off and party," she told Us Weekly in 2009.

At first, she was angry at them for being the way they were. "For years I was like, 'F*** her. How could somebody do that to their kid?" she added.

But after her own struggles with drug addiction later in life, especially after becoming a mother, she understood her mom's situation.

Sweetin did not know what had happened to her parents. Her father was reportedly killed in a prison riot, and she did not know her mother's whereabouts.

"As far as I know, they're not alive, and I'm totally OK with that," she said of her mom and dad on the Allison Interviews podcast (via Today) in November 2021.

Jodie Sweetin's Views on Being Adopted

While she was upset with her parents' decision to give her up for adoption at first, she later realized that was the better thing to have happened in the situation.

Sweetin saw her adoption in a "very self-torturous way" and even thought something was wrong with her.

But she eventually came to think of her adoption as a healthy thing. "they actually made the healthiest decision for me by allowing me to be adopted by another family that could provide better," she said on Allison Interviews.

The entire ordeal stopped being about her, and she stopped thinking like she was not wanted.

Sweetin, who did not expect to live till her 30th birthday, got sober soon after her drunk driving incident and has kept clean since. Her kids helped her get through her addiction, and a few rehab stints aided her.