Jessie Mueller and her boyfriend, actor and producer Andy Truschinski, have been dating since 2009. Theirs is a romance that first took roots on the stage.

In that way, theirs could be called a 'showmance.' However, it's not much on show.

Mueller and Truschinski keep their love life fairly secretive — especially Mueller, who doesn't even have social media where she would post stuff about him.

How Jessie Mueller and Boyfriend Andy Truschinski Met

Even though Mueller and Truschinski met and started dating in 2009. Presumably, her inside circle knew about him, but most of the public didn't until years later. It was only in 2012 that his name was first brought up.

During an interview with Paul Wontorek in May 2012, Wontorek sprung the question about her boyfriend on her.

"Outed the boyfriend," the Broadway star said with a light gasp, to which Wontorek responded with an interrogative "this was a showmance, correct?"

"We were kinda embarrassed about it," Mueller said lightly.

Mueller and Truschinski met when they were cast opposite one another on A Christmas Carol. They performed at the play at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, in which she portrayed Belle and he played young Scrooge. They were each other's love interests in the play.

When asked if everybody knew they were "hooking up," the Candy actress responded with an "I don't think so."

"We were really good about it," she added, saying "nothing really" happened until the show was over. They were just looking at each other as cool people and initially didn't feel ready to date.

When the interview took place, he was with her in New York. But, as is the life of theatre actors, they had to do long-distance soon after.

Jessie Mueller with her boyfriend of over a decade, Andy Truschenski, in 2020.

Jessie Mueller with her boyfriend of over a decade, Andy Truschinski, in 2020. (Photo: Andy Truschinski/Instagram)

In another conversation with Wontorek, this time in May 2014, she said she would only see Truschinski once in a while. He was on tour, performing across the country on the play, War Horse.

They FaceTimed a lot and he would route his flights through New York whenever he could. But they had been doing long-distance for over nine months at that point and even did long-distance when she first moved to New York from Chicago.

‘Best Heart I’ve Ever Come Across’ 

Together for over a decade, Mueller and Truschinski have gone through a lot together, both personally and professionally. It was his presence — she has said multiple times — that kept her grounded for all these years.

"He’s got the best heart I’ve ever come across," she told Star Tribune in October 2019.

"I kind of feel like we are married," the actress added. Their lives changed a lot after they moved to New York (where they live now), and he stuck by her side.

He has accompanied her to multiple Tony Awards ceremonies and they've maintained a quiet, low-key life together, excluding the public appearances. The only place they are seen together except at red carpet events is on his Instagram, and still not that often.