Cush Jumbo rose to prominence in the TV industry in recent years, thanks to her role as Lucca Quinn on CBS’s The Good Wife and its successful spin-off, The Good Fight.

But despite all the attention she garnered, she keeps her personal life away from the public eye.

She rarely talks about her marriage to her husband, Sean Griffin, and their nearly three-year-old son, Maximilian Griffin.

Cush Jumbo and Her Husband Unconventional Wedding

Jumbo and her husband tied the knot back on December 27, 2014. The couple had been friends for years before they started dating. 

Cush Jumbo wishes her husband for their third anniversary

Cush Jumbo wishes her husband for their third anniversary (Source: Cush Jumbo/Instagram)

“I never thought he fancied me,” joked the actress, but when her career was taking off in the US, her husband dropped everything and joined her.

The couple married in New York, and unlike the standard celebrity extravaganza, she opted for an unconventional celebration. 

They exchanged their vows on a Broadway stage. During their third anniversary, The Good Wife star uploaded a photograph from their special day. 

And in the caption, she wrote, “About 3 years ago I married this beautiful man on this broadway stage after my matinee of #theriver. It’s still the biggest, bravest, and best thing I’ve ever done. #justdoit.”

It was indeed a brave thing that Jumbo did. 

Cush Jumbo Starts a Family

In 2017, rumors circulated that the couple was expecting their first child. She eventually confirmed to ET at the Critics’ Choice Awards in January 2018. 

By then, she was six months pregnant with her son. She revealed the pregnancy was worked into the show by writers Michelle and Robert King.

“It’s been great, because the Kings, who write the show, have written it into the show, so Lucca and I are as pregnant as each other,” shared the star. 

A few months later, in April, Jumbo welcomed their son, Maximilian, which she announced on Instagram with a snap of her son grasping someone’s thumb.

“After excellently portraying Lucca’s baby bump on @thegoodfight for six months, my little boy finally made his real-life entrance,” she captioned the photo. 

She added that her son was “just as gorgeous as his Daddy.” 

The actress often shares glimpses of her and her husband spending quality time with their son. 

Cush Jumbo Mistaken for a Nanny

But once, while Jumbo and her son were out and about in New York City, she was mistaken as his nanny. 

Speaking to The Advocate in 2019, the actress recalled the incident. “She was completely mortified that she’d mistaken me. She was embarrassed and so upset, so apologetic,” said Jumbo.  

This experience was written in an episode of The Good Fight, where her character Lucca was mistaken for her baby’s nanny by an American woman. 

Unlike her real-life experience, the story in the series was more dramatic. 

The woman ended up calling the police on Lucca. 

Jumbo explained that if she were in London, she would never have experienced that because the nannies in London were not people of color. 

But according to the actress, in New York, nannies were almost exclusively women of color.