Conan Gray isn't scared to push himself out of his comfort zone to test his limits.

Originally from central Texas, he lived in Los Angeles for over three and a half years. The budding comfortability within LA, however, propelled him to challenge himself.

As a result, he decided to move to the bustle and hustle of New York City. And as he made a move in July 2021, Vogue documented his journey — the last hours in LA and the early hours in NYC — in a video, where Gray gushes on topics such as love and music. 

Gray’s Unique Perspective on Being in Love

Gray delved into his love life as he shared how he was trying to figure out himself, his body, and where he belongs in society. 

The uprising singer revealed he was not dating anyone and had never in his life. And he mentioned how ironic it was for a person who wrote love songs and got famous for preaching romance and chemistry. 


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Though never in a relationship, Gray admitted having his heart broken, but claims that he had never been in love.

He elaborated on how his understanding of being in love differed from other people. In his perspective, love was reciprocal, and for a person to be in love, his partner or crush had to love him too.  

One-sided love doesn't count as being in love, for Gray. And that's why he claims he has never been in love, although he was heartbroken after his crush loved a girl named Heather, the story of which he penned in his phenomenal song 'Heather.' 

As soon as he touched upon his unique understanding of love, the cameraman for Vogue asked if he would find a partner in his new home in New York. To which, the 'Astronomy’ singer replied, "I think I'll find love in the place that I least expect it."

The Texas native also hinted at the uncertainty of finding his lover and said, 

I'd be highly surprised if I like magically fell in love in the next week, but who knows?

Gray believed he would find love when he is not be looking for it and suggested his partner could be anywhere, even right there.

Secret behind His Good Music: His Bed 

Gray walked down memory lane and shared how his bed had always been a sort of sacred place for him to make music. He disclosed he had spent his life writing songs in his bed, whether it be his childhood bed, college bed, or beds of his now-changing homes.

The musician even demonstrated how he would practice on his bed with his hunched back, and his head rested on his guitar as he made melody. 


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Pointing out his new bed in his NYC apartment, the 22-year-old said he would make music there for the next few months. He also told his fans that he hadn't started writing because he had no good idea. 

Gray believes if his first song turns out to be bad, all the others would be bad too. So, he wants to write through a healthy space and a decent idea. 

Since starting his career through his bedroom-recorded song 'Idle Town' in 2017, Gray released his EP Sunset Season in November 2018 and his debut album Kid Krow in March 2020. 

He also released his single 'Astronomy' in May 2021 and earned high praises for its tale of falling out of love.