Producer, actor, writer, and comedian Jeff Garlin is best known for playing the family patriarch Murray Goldberg on ABC’s The Goldbergs and co-starring in HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The actor has also displayed his family-friendly side by lending his voice to many iconic Pixar characters, such the Captain from Wall-E and Buttercup from the Toy Story franchise.

In a career spanning decades, Garlin has become a well-respected comedian in the industry by consistently breaking the mold of what stand-up comedy should be. He is considered one of the most inventive and unpredictable stand-up comedians out there. 


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Two years ago, Netflix launched the comedian’s special, Our Man in Chicago, and to kick things off, the actor decided he needed to spice things up. So in the special, Garlin wore a suit and spotted a beard, which he talked about during his interview with GQ

Jeff Garlin’s Beard Post Mouth Surgery

During the interview, Garlin admitted that fellow comedian Jerry Seinfeld influenced him to wear a suit. According to Seinfeld, Garlin looked funnier in a suit because it made him look like he was trapped. But Garlin added that it was also about showing respect to the audience. 

As for his beard, Garlin, who never had one before, shared that it was his first in 57 years of his life. The comedian revealed that he had mouth surgery, which made it difficult for him to shave, but then he got past the itchy phase and decided he liked the look. 


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And I love having a beard. I will have a beard for the rest of my life. I can’t do it now because of The Goldbergs.

Although the actor did not go into detail about his mouth surgery, fans of The Goldbergs show noticed a big lump in Garlin’s right lip, which they discussed in a Reddit thread. They expressed their concern for Garlin’s well-being and tried to find out Garlin’s condition. 

A user who claimed to be a dentist revealed it was a mucocele (a mucus-containing cyst on the salivary gland). 

However, this has never been confirmed. 

Jeff Garlin’s Comedy Special

In the same interview, Garlin was also asked how he came up with the ideas and topics. 


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Garlin explained that his thought process differed slightly from most comedians who chose topics based on what made audiences laugh. Garlin paid attention to what he was saying and decided the themes according to the message he wanted to spread. 

He added that he wanted the audience to leave with something they learned from him when the show was over. When asked how he decided what that would be about, the comedian responded that he relied on improvisation. 

Garlin is known for seamlessly blending improv with storytelling during his stand-up. The comedian shared that he trusted his gut and went with his feelings. As a result, he avoided overthinking and enjoyed himself on stage, although he did share that he learned his lines. 

Garlin’s comedy special is available on Netflix.