Earlier in 2021, Jean Smart accepted her Emmy for Lead Actress in a comedy category during the 73rd Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

One of her children was present with the actress during the ceremony.

In her acceptance speech, an emotional Smart first gave a shoutout to her co-stars from Mare of Easttown on their award win.

She later acknowledged her late husband, Richard Gilliland, who tragically died on March 18, 2021, exactly six months before her award win.

"I would not be here without him," said the teary-eyed actress.

Smart told her co-stars in the audience how Gilliland kept his career aside so that Smart would take her opportunities and prosper as an actress.

She then remarked her children Connor and Forrest were "incredible, unselfish" and "courageous individuals" in their own ways.

Emmy-winning actress Jean Smart

Jean Smart (Photo Credit: HBO Max/Instagram)

As of this writing, they are aged thirty-one and thirteen, respectively, with Connor being the eldest of the two.

Smart said they "put up with mommy commuting to Philadelphia and back." 

The actress then touched upon her television show Hacks. Her performance on the said show saw her win the prestigious television award.

"Hacks has been such a thrill, I got to tell you," remarked the actress.

She concluded her speech thanking the production team, her co-actors, HBO Max, and everyone involved in the making of Hacks

Jean Smart and Forrest Smart on the Red Carpet

Prior to the award show, Smart was present with her son Forrest on the red carpet.

Forrest was then asked how proud he felt after his mother's nominations for the Emmys.

"[I am] very proud of her," said Forrest. 

Further, he said his mother "really deserves" her nomination as she'd worked very hard for it.

Smart, overwhelmed by Forrest's remarks, asked whether her commutes to Philadelphia, which she made for months [to shoot her parts for Hacks], were okay.

Emmy-winning actress Jean Smart with her Son Forrest Smart

Actress Jean Smart with her son Forrest Smart (Photo Credit: HBO Max/Instagram)

Forrest consoled his mother, saying, "It was okay. This is worth it," and shared a touchy mother-son moment with her.

Toward the end of the interview, the host credited Forrest for his speaking abilities and said he seemed "natural" at interviews.

One of Jean Smart's Children Is Adopted

Reportedly, Forrest was adopted from China when he was an eighteen-month-old infant.

She also revealed that the actress and her now-deceased husband's plan to adopt a baby was ten years in the making. 

According to Smart, the adoption process was a far stretch and took "a lot longer" than they expected.

Talking about the baby adoption process, she hinted it took the couple over five years, but the family finally got lucky after they adopted Forrest successfully.

After the adoption, the mother of two children said her son Connor was "smitten" with his baby brother, and her late husband was "absolutely besotted" with the infant.

The mother of two children claimed even their house dog got attached to the baby.

In her recollection, the actress called the day they were sent a big envelope with the picture as "exciting and very nerve-wracking."

She also revealed that they were given around twenty-four hours to "say yes or no."

Six weeks later, Smart was on the plane with Gilliland as they made their trip to China, and around eight weeks later, their newest baby was home.