Jason Pierre-Paul went through a horrifying incident back in July 2015, as he nearly blew his right hand off with fireworks.

Ever since then, the football outside linebacker has been an outspoken advocate for fireworks safety.

He also occasionally takes to his social media to show his hand graphic and talk about the incident.

Jason Pierre-Paul Shares His Hand Graphic

In one of the many instances, in 2018, Pierre-Paul shared pictures of his un-bandaged hand via Instagram. The photos were apparently clicked only a few hours after the accident.

The footballer intended to warn people with his post; he wasn’t hesitant to post the pictures that showed the hand graphic in detail.

He wrote, “It’s been 3yrs since my accident and I can truly say I’m very blessed and fortunate to be where I am in life.”

An Instagram picture of Jason Pierre-Paul, revealing his hand graphic.

An Instagram picture of Jason Pierre-Paul, revealing his hand graphic. (Photo: Instagram)

“Looking at these pictures seems unreal and crazy. How your life can change in the blink of an eye. One of the greatest American traditions in celebrating 4th of July is with fireworks,” he continued to write in his caption.

Pierre-Paul then warned people by stating that if one does not handle the fireworks with proper care, one could get injured on a special day again.

That said, he asked people not to feel sorry for him because he was happy to be still alive to show the outcome of what happened to him.

Since the pictures displayed the hand graphic in detail and were incredibly gruesome, he removed the post sometime later.

Jason Pierre-Paul Opening up about His Finger Injury

It was not easy for Pierre-Paul to return to playing football and get himself to open up about his injury after the incident.

But even though it took him a while, he eventually gathered the courage and was comfortable being open about it.

The accident apparently cost him his index finger and the tip of his right thumb. Due to that, he did not sign a contract with the Giants until the end of October 2015 and did not play in a game until Week 9.


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He finally took the field but had to wear a cast on his hand.

The current Tampa Bay Buccaneers star even updated his Twitter and Instagram DP with the X-ray of his right hand. That definitely helped him open up about his injury among his fans.

Closer Look into Jason Pierre-Paul’s Hand Incident

Speaking with Sports Illustrated in 2016, Pierre-Paul admitted to purchasing $1,100 worth of fireworks, which he took to his hometown of Deerfield Beach, Florida.

He had purchased the fireworks to celebrate Independence Day on July 4, 2015, with over 50 family members and friends.

Just before midnight, he realized he had a few fireworks left in his U-Haul van. So, he decided to pop them off, too.


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He reportedly tried to apply flame to fuse seven times, but the wind kept blowing out his lighter.

Pierre-Paul then tried his luck for the last time, and everyone witnessed an eruption, a bang, and a blinding green-and-white light.

“As soon as I saw the green light, I jumped,” he said. “I knew something dangerous was about to happen.”

He immediately fell to the ground and found out that he had injured his hands very badly.