Australian radio personality, musician, and actor is best known as the host of The Jason Ellis Show, which previously aired on Sirius XM satellite radio from 2005 to 2020.


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After the show was canceled, Ellis revamped it as a podcast alongside fellow Taintstick bandmate and guitarist Michael Tully and launched it on Apple Podcast and Youtube.

Similarly, he has also been hosting the famous Hawk Vs Wolf podcast with Tony Hawk after their exit from Sirus XM.


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Before venturing out to the field of hosting and acting, Ellis was a professional X-Games-rated stake-boarder (1985 to 2006).

And in the 2011 season, he participated in the truck racing competition, Lucas Oil SuperLite Series, for the team Dethrone.

During the event, he did some of his Friday morning show from his R.V.

From 2007 to 2010, he functioned as the frontman of the satirical American hard rock band Taintstick alongside bandmates Michael Tully, Christian Hand, Josh Richmond, and Benji Madden (2009). 

The Melbourne native also delved into professional mixed martial arts and played/won two matches between 2009 and 2017.

He was trained by the likes of Jason "Mayhem" Miller and Muhammed Lawal before making his professional debut. Later, he also got training from the legendary Dan Henderson. 

In this article, we primarily cover Jason Ellis' marital and dating status, including his relationship timeline, and his sexuality. 

We also delve briefly into his net worth and podcast.

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Why did Sirus XM cancel The Jason Ellis show?

When Ellis found out that his show was being pulled off-air, he was shocked and surprised.

On Twitter, he wrote, "Wow! I just got fired This is unbelievable."

In another tweet, he expressed his disappointment, stating "I still can’t believe it. 15 years just like that out the door like nothing. Like it didn’t even happen! Still alive families good I’ll live."

However, Xirus didn't announce the reason for the show's cancellation in 2010.

But, according to some fans on Reddit, the network had been gradually shifting its focus from genre-based coverage to artist and celebrity-based coverage centered around Howard Stern. 

One fan wrote, "Honestly, as an employee, they're going more towards artist channels than genre anymore. Artists and Howard Stern, and the same five songs per channel."

Another fan penned, 

SXM is a publically traded company (NASDAQ) that is only accountable to its major stockholders. In the past couple of years they've bought Pandora and Stitcher and while I don't know the nature of the deals, they may be carrying a lot of debt especially since Pandora appears to be being crushed by Spotify. Iheartradio is aggressively buying "terrestrial" properties and may be cutting into SXM 'S profits, as well. They fired "Cousin Brucie" a couple of months ago. I suspect that if you listen to Jason Ellis, you don't know who Brucie is but to boomers he held a nostalgic place and had at least a shadow association with the boomers' revered Beatles. He was on the 60s channel. So they are getting rid of who they can because they may be losing money, carrying risky debt and either believe Stern is still driving them or can't get out of the contract with Stern. The other thing that has drastically changed is that they are switching more from "genre channels" to "artist/celebrity "channels, perhaps to attract certain audiences. They are expanding their auto presence though. Might be too little too late.

Is Jason Ellis Gay?

Ellis first came out as bisexual in 2016.

Before meeting his current pansexual wife Katie, he kept his sexuality a secret beforehand as he had negative experiences with two of his previous partners from long-term relationships after opening up to them about his sexuality. He revealed,

I was like ‘I have done gay things before.’ This was how I would say it cause I am like I don’t think I am gay but I’ve done gay stuff and we’ve been together for almost 10 years and I feel like it’s time to tell you. And when we broke up, they both threw that in my face. They both started telling people I am a f**.

In 2019, Ellis also wrote an opinion on Advocate accusing the LGBTIQ+ community of not accepting his existence as a bi-sexual man.

In the revealing piece, he accused that the community was too focused on the "sexual" and said he wanted to experience "deeper" connections and LGBTIQ friends. 

He started the piece as, 

My experiences with the LGBTQ community have been, up to now, almost exclusively sexual in nature. Hook-up sites. Sex clubs. Group sex with men. I've done it all -- well, almost all.

I'm a bisexual man and I'm married to a woman I love. I'm lucky enough to be able to have sex with men as well.

I find diverse people of all genders sexy and attractive. But I don't want my inclusion in the community to be just sexual. I want it to be deeper. I want LGBTQ friends. I want to feel like I'm part of the community. After all, "B" is the third letter listed!

Ellis' primary argument was that he found people in the community didn't believe he was bisexual and that's why they passed judgment that he would turn out to be "gay" eventually.

"When men I have s*x with find out I'm married to a woman they tell me things like, 'it's just a phase,' and 'you'll be gay eventually,'" he wrote.

"They tell me bisexuality doesn't exist. They tell me what I do and how I define myself don't exist," he added.

Who is Jason Ellis' Wife?

Radio host, MMA fighter, ex-skateboarder, and podcaster Jason Ellis has a unique relationship with his writer, podcast puppeteer, and actress wife, Katie Gilbert—who is also on Onlyfans. 

Katie appeared in three episodes of the American crime drama television series Mayans M.C. in 2022. 

The two have been very open about their marriage and sexuality in their public interviews, and he always says he likes to talk about it, hoping some people find the courage to be themselves through his example.

Previously, Ellis had decided never to talk about his sexuality, especially with people he was dating. However, meeting Gilbert, who is a pansexual, made him change his way of thinking.

Ellis affirmed he was bisexual in 2019 and talked about his sexuality, marriage, and life in his book 'Still Awesome: The Trials and Tribulations of an Egotistical Maniac.'

After coming out, he received a lot of criticism from people for openly talking about his relationship with other men.

They tell me, ‘Man, this isn’t cool you talking about it.’ But I’m going to keep talking about it because they shouldn’t be frowning on it. They tell me to maybe keep it to myself. But maybe not. Maybe there’s a 17 year-old-guy thinking about killing himself, and he sees me and he thinks, ‘Hey maybe I can just be myself.’

When did Jason Ellis and His Wife Katie got Married?

Ellis and his wife Gilbert have been together for ten years. After roughly six years together, the radio host asked his then-girlfriend to marry him with a tattoo that read ‘Marry Me?’ on her leg.

Ellis and Gilbert tied the knot in August 2017.


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Ellis and Gilbert have an open marriage and are open about their sexual relationships. He previously revealed that his wife started an Onlyfans account to pay the rent after he was fired from SiriusXM.

How many Children does Jason Ellis have from Ex Wife?

Before getting together with Gilbert, Ellis was married to another woman. During an appearance on the IMPAULSIVE podcast in March 2018, he revealed he used to get beaten up by his first wife all the time.

Ellis shared that his ex-wife, Andrea Brown, was a stripper, and she used to get violent with him whenever he came home high because he wasn’t allowed to smoke weed anymore.

In one particular instance, a filming crew member overheard what his ex-wife did to him and advised him to end his relationship with her.

The former pair share two children, a son Tiger and a daughter Devin. 

What is Jason Ellis' Net Worth?

Ellis has a net worth of $8 million, according to Celebritynetworth.

Did you Know?

Jason Ellis shares the same name as the deceased Bradstwon police officer Jason Ellis, who was ambushed and shot dead on his way back home in 2013. 

To this day, it is unknown who took the life of the dedicated police officer who was clearing off-road debris when he was shot. 

After the highway mystery murder incident, the authorities even put a $200,000 prize for anyone providing information leading to an arrest and conviction.

Office Jason is today survived by his wife and two kids.