Jasmine Sanders makes it a point to flaunt her boyfriend, Anthony Rhoades, to the 4.5 million fans taking note of her lifestyle via Instagram. That's not to say that Rhoades holds back on celebrating his golden barbie at every chance he gets. 

The couple's Instagram adventures give fans some serious couple goals. Here are our best picks from the positively stunning couple's cutest moments. 

Rhoades' First Post for His Girlfriend

Rhoades put up a picture of Sanders posing for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit while literally drooling over her in the caption. 

He then went on to explain that he was considering waiting for the "craziness" to slow down on her end, but seeing that she was nowhere close to doing that, he decided to move ahead with it, regardless. 

And that was when the real post started! The celebrity trainer wrote a long and endearing segment celebrating Sanders for everything that she was. Paraphrasing his words would be borderline criminal. So, take a look yourself!

The Couple Got Matching Tattoos

On July 25, 2021, the handsome hunk took to his Instagram yet again. This time, he flaunted the matching tattoos he got with his girlfriend. 

The trainer, who was already covered in all sorts of ink, embellished his skin yet again with the name of his beloved. Now, his left-hand thumb reads "Jasmine." As for the gorgeous model, she chose her right forearm to carry her beau's name in a beautiful cursive font. 

Yet again, the trainer complimented the post with a heart-melting caption. 

Called Her His Wife

Jumping on the clock, this post came from Rhoades in May 2021. The fitness expert shared a slideshow of photos and short clips that saw the two of them stroll the streets of Miami, Florida, as they occasionally stopped for a photoshoot. 

The couple's "Sunday shenanigans" included everything from sparkling wine to posing for a gorilla mural on the street. They spent time in the jacuzzi and had a Mexican lunch — in short, the perfect Sunday. 

It's starting to form a pattern now. Rhoades' caption put a smile on his fans' faces when he called her his wife. Just so we're clear, the couple hasn't exchanged vows yet. Still, it was a wonderful gesture. 

Sunset by the Ocean

The clip of Sanders and Rhoades kissing against the breathtaking backdrop of the endless sea while the sun was getting ready to leave must be one of the most wholesome videos of the couple out for the world to see. 

The SI model's auburn-blonde locks were left unhindered as her beau leaned in for a kiss. Of course, she couldn't help but hold on to him as he did. All the while, the golden rays of the sun painted the sky in shades of bliss. 

The post was also special for another reason. It celebrated the couple's first anniversary. In the post's caption made on April 9, 2021, the model thanked her beau for sliding into her Instagram DMs.