Canadian-American journalist and actress Andrea Canning has a large but loving family. She raises six children with her husband and seems to be doing an excellent job at being a wife and mother.

The Collingwood native, who is a Dateline NBC correspondent, shares a lot about her family and husband on her Instagram account.

What is Andrea Canning’s Husband Tony Bancroft doing now? 

Handsome and well-built, Lt. Colonel Tony Bancroft was the captain of a fighter plane back when he was first introduced to Canning. One of the primary reasons that motivated her to be attracted to him was him being in the military. 

At present, Bancroft is active as a research analyst for the Gamco Investors (2018-present) and Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Marine Corps Reserves(2009-present), according to his Linkedin profile.

The decorated Marine veteran also has experience as an F/A-18 Instructor Pilot.


Thank you Lt. Col. Bancroft for your service. #veteransday2016 Hanging the flag this morning! USMC

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Andrea Canning and Husband Tony Bancroft’s Love Story will Warm Your Hearts

The duo’s love story is right out of a movie script. They were first introduced to each other when Tony was deployed to Iraq. For several months, their conversation was possible only through emails. After about a year, they finally met in 2006, and it was love at first sight for Bancroft.

The first time I saw her, I thought this girl is so beautiful, I could see being with her...I could sense that she was just right.

Bancroft proposed to the love of his life in September of 2007. However, due to their polar opposite careers, the couple had to live separately for some time after the engagement. They finally got married in June 2008.


The day we got #engaged #cuttyhunkisland 💍 #2007. My handsome #fighterpilot set-up by @martharaddatz

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The Couple are Parents to Half-A-Dozen Children

After being married, the pair wasted no time in settling down and raising a family. Their first child Anna was born in 2009, only a year after their wedding. Anna is now joined by Charlotte, Christina, Georgia, Elle, and Tripp, making a family of eight people in total.

Their youngest child and only son Tripp was born just last June.

Andrea Canning’s Instagram is a Cute Family Photo Album

Canning is by no means a private person, especially when it comes to her family. Her entire Instagram feed is filled with pictures of her six children and her husband. Bancroft also shares her enthusiasm and frequently posts about the family.

And if you scroll down their feeds, you can find several cute pictures and videos of their children that will leave you with enormous baby and relationship fever.


Bancroft sisters in Jupiter!

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Thank you #ryeneighborsmagazine for including us!! #family #rye

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#happyfathersday to the best #father these kids could ask for! #happyfamily ❤ï¸Â

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Judging from their Instagram, the couple seems to have adapted well to their big family. They regularly go on outings and picnics, pose for magazines together, and their family life seems inspiring for parents.

They somehow have managed to find time to spend with their family even with all their career hurdles, something many parents find hard to balance.