After flaunting her baby bump for the past few months on social media, Jasmine Chiswell has finally given birth to a boy. 

Throughout her pregnancy, she shared her journey with her fans and followers through socials. And she announced her son's arrival in typical fashion — via Instagram and TikTok. 

Jasmine Chiswell Gave Birth to Baby Boy

Chiswell first announced she was pregnant in May 2021.

Since then, she made TikTok and YouTube videos about it alongside her husband Maverick McNeilly, showing off her baby bump.

She was supposed to give birth somewhere between January 1 and January 10, 2022.

As per the NYC Department of Health, a full-term pregnancy lasts around 40 weeks. However, Chiswell was pregnant for more than 40 weeks, crossing her due date.

Jasmine Chiswell cradling her baby bump.

Jasmine Chiswell cradling her baby bump. (Source: Instagram)

According to her TikTok, she and her husband were concerned about it and were going to the doctor to get checked.

They had planned to induce labor if the kid would not be born near the due date.

The TikToker had joked about going into labor by doing dances holding her baby bump after she was nine-month pregnant. 

She posted a clip on TikTok where she shared that she believed she would give birth before 40 weeks. But she laughed at herself singing Rihanna's lyrics from 'Take a Bow' — "you look so dumb right now."

On January 15, 2022, she uploaded a TikTok video, sharing her and her husband's decision. She said they would induce the labor if she did not deliver the baby until the next day. After that, she uploaded nothing for two days. 

The TikToker posing for a picture at seven months pregnant.

Chiswell when she was seven months pregnant. (Source: Instagram)

Fans were concerned about her, and they commented on her last video, asking if the baby was there yet.

Finally, on January 17, 2022, the TikTok star confirmed she had given birth to a boy. 

On TikTok, Chiswell made a video as a response to one of her follower's comments that read, "She ain't post in 2 daysss is the BABY HERE?" She said, "yes."

She made a similar video for her Instagram. There, she squealed "yes" to a comment that said, "is he here yet" with a heart-eye emoji.

She has given no other updates and has not shown a picture of her kid yet. 

Jasmine Chiswell's Gender Reveal 

Chiswell did the gender reveal of her child in September 2021 and uploaded it on her YouTube channel. She ordered a bunch of stuff and decorations for the party. 

Jasmine Chiswell showing off her baby bump.

Jasmine Chiswell showing off her baby bump. (Source: Instagram)

She bought some things online and some stores. Chiswell and her husband vlogged their journey and showed how excited they were for their kid. 

The duo confessed they had planned a huge party, but they did not get to do it since the decorations they ordered online did not arrive on time. Therefore, it was just the balloons they bought from the stores. 

At the end of the video, the two stood in front of the camera with a giant black balloon that said, "Girl or Boy?" They revealed they already knew the gender but still wanted to do a gender reveal. 

They popped the balloon with a needle and revealed blue smoke and confetti, confirming that they were having a son.