Jane Lynch had a troubled past which included childhood anxiety, alcoholism, substance abuse to get over the alcoholism, and if there was ever one thing that could trump them all, it was her wife. 

Lynch met her former wife, Lara Embry, at a 2009 fundraiser in San Francisco, and by the end of next May, they were lawfully wedded wives. 

They rang their wedding bells in an intimate ceremony in Sunderland, Mass. — one of the few states where gay marriage was recognized.

The list of attendees had only 19 close friends and family, including Embry’s daughter, Haden.

Sadly, the marriage only lasted for three years, and the former flames finalized the divorce in 2013. 

Jane Lynch with her former wife Lara Embry

Jane Lynch with her former wife Lara Embry (Source: Twitter)

Jane Lynch Divorced Lara Embry

Lynch broke the news of their separation over an exclusive statement to People

"Lara and I have decided to end our marriage," she told the outlet at the time. "This has been a difficult decision for us as we care very deeply about one another."

After firmly establishing that their split was an amicable one, the actress went on to request privacy as she and her wife dealt with the family matter. 

The actress was the one to file for divorce citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. 

Jane Lynch Paid out over $1.2 Million in Settlements

By the time the divorce was finalized, E! News got their hands on the Los Angeles Superior Court documents detailing the settlement figures. 

Lynch was obliged to pay her former wife a sum of $1.2 million over the course of two years after the divorce. 

Apart from that, the former wife was also entitled to half of Lynch's residuals received from GleeTwo and a Half MenJimmy Kimmel Live! and other shows that she did while they were married.

The former couple had to split joint bank accounts worth $847,485, a 401k worth $315,079, and their 2012 tax refund worth $56,810.

Lynch still got to keep their marital home, a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid and a 2013 Audi. 

'It's Just Money'

While a 1.2 million dollar settlement was nothing to be scoffed at, the actress wasn't overly concerned about the finances surrounding her split. 

In an interview with Access Hollywood in August 2013, she candidly said, "It's just money."

California "is a half and half state, as well as it should be, so that's fine," she said. At the time, Lynch said single life was treating her "fine."

In her 2011 memoir, Happy Accidents, the actress dished on how her wife was the happiness she was so desperately chasing after. (via Nikki Swift)

Lynch revealed that she was suffering from depression during which she sought "happy oblivion" through drinking bottles of NyQuil. 

The NyQuil was a rebound from her struggles with alcoholism. She had vowed to stop drinking at the age of 31 due to her fear at the time of being an alcoholic. 

Lynch said it was not until she met her wife Embry that she felt like she had finally found happiness. 

According to Lynch, she was "immediately smitten" by Embry after having "only known her a minute."