Professional surfer Jamie O’Brien has achieved groundbreaking success in the surfing industry. With his rising fame, fans have become more curious about his personal life, asking questions like "is Jamie O’Brien married?"

Although the 38-year-old isn't married, he has a potential wife — his girlfriend Tina Cohen. The lovebirds started appearing on each other's social media around 2018 and began dating on February 13, 2019.

On their first dating anniversary, Cohen uploaded a picture with her beau under the pink sunset in North Shore, Oahu. However, it was O'Brien who uploaded a celebratory picture on their second anniversary.

He posted a gallery of pictures with his girlfriend and dedicated a heartfelt message to her in the caption. "I love you more than all the sand in the world," he wrote. 

Without a doubt, the lovebirds are pretty vocal about their burgeoning relationship; they timely post pictures of one another on their socials. 

But, despite being open, there are still many things about O’Brien's girlfriend that aren't public knowledge yet. So here's a rundown on facts that you should know about Cohen. 

Jamie O’Brien’s Girlfriend's Origin

O’Brien’s partner, Cohen, was born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Though her age remains a mystery, she celebrates her birthday every March 21. Interestingly, O’Brien's hometown is also in Hawaii — in Kahuku.

Tina Cohen Is Also a Surfer

Not only do O’Brien and Cohen share the same hometown, but they also share the same passion. Like the professional surfer, Cohen loves surfing. 

In fact, Cohen has been surfing her whole life while growing near the famous Banzai Pipeline, home to the world's mightiest waves.

Her mother, a champion bodyboarder, took her into the waters from a young age. As a result, the surfer could already do bodyboarding at six. 

Now, she surfs, takes part in adventures, and works as a lifeguard at Haleiwa Ali’i Beach. Besides surfing, she also enjoys modeling. 

O’Brien’s Girlfriend Is Fluent in Japanese 

In an Eidon blog post, the adventurer opened up about her childhood and shared she was fluent in Japanese. In her own words, she grew up in a Japanese-influenced family. 

But that wasn't all. Cohen even did her homework for school in Japanese. Cohen clarified she had never lived in Japan, but Japanese was still technically her first language. 

Tina Cohen Was Homeschooled 

Cohen was homeschooled for most of her academic pursuits. In the aforementioned interview, she gushed about her self-motivation and mentioned how one has to be self-driven to get all the school work done. 

As per her accounts, she set a goal for herself every day and did nothing else until she met her aim. 

In 2018, Cohen graduated with a double major in business management and marketing from Leeward Community College, affiliated with the University of Hawaii-West Oahu.