Jamie Bell's family life with his current wife, Kate Mara, made headlines on July 10, 2022, after the couple announced they were pregnant with their second child. This news also generated a lot of interest in his family life as a whole and not just with Mara.

Many might know it's not just Mara who Bell shares kids with. He also has one kid with his former flame, Evan Rachel Wood.

But were Bell and Wood ever married and how long did their relationship last?

Were Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood Married?

Bell and Wood first developed a connection in the early 2000s. However, there was a rumor circulating about their relationship's beginnings.

Many speculated the two started dating only after working together on Green Day's 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' video in 2005. The couple were aware of the rumors and have said that was never the case.

They were already dating and even in love before the video gig happened. Further, they got matching tattoos to declare their love for each other, which they thought would last forever.

Things didn't work out the way they thought it would and they broke up. During this break, which lasted for around five years, Wood got into an on-again-off-again relationship with Marilyn Manson.

But, after ending things with Manson in 2010, Wood got back together with Bell in July 2011. They confirmed their relationship through public spottings and public displays of affection.

The couple was seen shopping for engagement rings in December 2011, and by the time January 2012 approached, they were engaged.

They married in a small ceremony only attended by those closest to them on October 30, 2012. 

Jamie Bell with his ex wife, Evan Rachel Wood.

Jamie Bell with his ex wife, Evan Rachel Wood. (Photo: Twitter)

In January 2013, Bell and Wood announced they were expecting their first kid together, and she kept fans updated through tweets throughout her pregnancy. And in July 2013, they welcomed their son, but kept his name a secret.

2014 saw the couple break up for the second time. People broke the news about their separation on May 28, 2014.

People claimed the couple's representatives said the couple still loved each other and remained "committed to co-parenting their son." Further, they were said to have remained close friends.

Following their split, Wood announced she was taking a break from social media. Bell, on the other hand, went off Twitter for a while.

Why Did Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood Break Up?

While their initial announcement about ending their marriage revealed little about the reasons, Bell and Wood's split generated a lot of speculations.

Just two days after their initial reporting, People came out with a piece that claimed an insider source had let them in on some secrets about their divorce. The source claimed Bell and Wood simply realized they had different priorities in life.

"Nothing dramatic happened," said the source. "They have been friends for years and are happier this way than being married."

But, the insider also claimed Wood loved being a mom more than anything else and her marriage always came second after their son was born.

Another interesting detail in the insider's claims was about Wood's future romantic interests. "Evan is very edgy and adventurous and wants to find a partner that she can share that with," they said.

This is significant because Wood came out as bisexual years before their split. She even had a few celebrity crushes she let Bell know about.

Joining these seemingly random dots, the internet speculated that the couple might have broken up because of her sexuality. However, the two have never confirmed the possibility. People, too, later removed their article.