James Norton has been with his girlfriend, Imogen Poots, for over three years. But they have spent most of that time away from one another — maintaining a long-distance relationship.

The distance, however, has never been an issue for them. Poots does not seem to mind the distance at all. They kept trudging on.

James Norton and His Girlfriend Don’t Consider Distance an Issue

Norton rarely speaks about his relationships. The actor, who prefers keeping his private life just that — private, has revealed nothing about his relationship with Poots, aside from a few Instagram posts.

Poots, however, is not that secretive. She has revealed a few things about her relationship with Norton.

During her interview with Evening Standard in March 2020, Poots talked about her views on her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend.

Norton's girlfriend admitted she thought if you wanted a long-distance relationship to work, you could make it work.

The actress alternated her time between London and New York, but her relationship with Norton, who owns property in Peckham, remained unaffected.

Poots said that she had never known what it was like to stay in one place or have a relationship with someone she met often. "It's all I've ever known," she quipped.

Then, seemingly discrediting the notion that distance affected relationships, she said, "I've never known something to fall apart because of distance."

She found the restlessness in her life addictive and the stress attractive. Her work was her happy place, and she wanted to keep exploring, even though she recognized the pressure to settle down and "set up a farm of something."

Could James Norton Have Children with Imogen Poots?

In the same interview, Poots revealed her thoughts on having children. She would love to have kids.

With Norton, perhaps? She didn't specify.

Despite it being her dream, Poots was also unsure about having children because of her work.


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She acknowledged that being a parent and working in the show business at the same time was a tricky thing. Poots called it "such an unknowable thing."

Even though she had seen other actors manage both of them, she wasn't sure if it was for her.

"the [sic] more and more you learn about the world, you realise it's not necessarily an easy thing and it's not necessarily an option for some people," the actress told the magazine.

James Norton and Imogen Poots’ Dating History

Perhaps it isn't that surprising that Norton and Poots, two actors who are usually preoccupied with work, met at their jobs. The couple first came across one another while working on Belleville at the Donmar Warehouse, London, in 2017.

After delivering a stunning performance and "fizzy chemistry," as put by the Evening Standard, their real-life relationship, too, took off.

But they didn't immediately come out as boyfriend and girlfriend. It was only in 2018 that they confirmed their relationship.

James Norton with girlfriend Imogen Poots as seen on his Instagram post from January 2019.

James Norton with girlfriend Imogen Poots as seen on his Instagram post from January 2019. (Photo: James Norton/Instagram)

The Things Heard & Seen actor has posted about Poots only on a couple of occasions. His first post with her came on January 5, 2019.

Only a few portraits of her have followed since then. On the other hand, Poots does not have even one picture with him on her Instagram.