James Gunn and his girlfriend, Jennifer Holland, have been together since 2015. They were introduced by Gunn’s friend Michael Rosenbaum, who starred as Lex Luthor in the TV series Smallville. 

Rosenbaum was dating one of Holland’s friends and offered to set up Gunn and Holland. The Guardians of the Galaxy director had seen a photo of Holland and asked who she was. 

Rosenbaum’s then-girlfriend approached the Peacemaker actress with the idea of a blind date. 

James Gunn and His Girlfriend Engaged

But Holland had never heard of Gunn before, although he was one of the most sought-after directors in Hollywood thanks to the success of the Marvel movie.  

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Holland shared she was initially hesitant about going on a date with Gunn. 

“She described James as a producer-director. So I guess the fact that she put producer first or something and it just kind of gave me weird vibes,” said the actress. 

Holland went on the internet to look him up and had a change of heart. After watching some of his interviews, she decided he was charming enough for her to agree on a first date. 

Fortunately, the couple hit it off, and they spent seven hours sharing about their lives. It was the start of something beautiful for both of them.  

Fast forward seven years later to February 2022, Gunn got down on bended knees with a ring and a proposal to which Holland said yes. 

James Gunn's girlfriend showing off her engagement ring

James Gunn's girlfriend showing off her engagement ring. (Source: James Gunn/Instagram)

The filmmaker took to Instagram and shared a photo of his girlfriend turned fiancée sipping from a mug while showing off her massive engagement ring.

Gunn only shared a winking and a red heart emoji in the caption, but everyone understood what the photo meant. 

Several of the couple’s celebrity friends and co-stars congratulated the happy couple. 

The Suicide Squad’s star Viola Davis wrote, “Aaaaaaaahhh!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!”

Meanwhile, Karen Gillan, who plays Nebula in Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy movies, commented, “O.M.G.!!!!!!!” along with several heart eyes and red heart emojis.

James Gunn and Jennifer Holland on Working Together

Before announcing their engagement, Gunn’s girlfriend had opened up to People about how their professional relationship brought them closer as a couple. 

The actress had joined the D.C. Extended Universe streaming series, Peacemaker, with members from The Suicide Squad, written and directed by Gunn. 

She took on the role of Emilia Harcourt, an A.R.G.U.S. agent assisting the Peacemakers with their mission from the comms room.

Holland shared that working on the show with her partner brought them “closer” as a couple.

“It was great. We had an absolutely amazing time. At the end, our personal relationship was closer for the experience. We got really lucky in that we work really well together and it just works for us.”

She added when Gunn first started writing the series, he didn’t know how far he would take her character. 

But as he wrote on, Harcourt became an integral character, and she was grateful to Gunn.