TikTok star Jackson Mahomes is the younger brother of Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Kansas Metropolis Chiefs. 

The duo was recently celebrating the older Mahomes' matrimonial union with Brittany Matthews. 

Jackson was Patrick's best man, and the former's social media presence ballooned following the celebrations.

He has amassed over one million followers on TikTok with an added 260,000 on Instagram. But his recent scandalous video might make him even more famous. 

On March 16, 2022, another TikTok star Blaneoh uploaded a video showing Jackson and social media model Dayna Marie sharing a kiss.

Jackson Mahomes and Dayna Marie Dating

Jamming out to Kevin Gates' 'Thinkin' with My D***,' the video started with Blaneoh on-screen before Jackson lightly pushed Blaneoh out of the way and stood beside Dayna.

Jackson then gave a big kiss to Marie before everyone left the screen and the camera cut off.

In the comment section, everyone expressed how awkward their kiss looked, with some suggesting that Dayna might have even been paid to do the video.

They were convinced it was staged because Dayna and Blaneoh were in a relationship, but according to Dexerto, they are no longer dating.

"Isn't that Blane's former girlfriend?" one fan commented.

For the unversed, Dayna is a huge social media star with nearly seven million followers on TikTok and over one million followers on Instagram.

Jackson Mahomes and Dayna Marie sharing a kiss

Jackson Mahomes and Dayna Marie sharing a kiss (Source: Dayna Marie/Instagram)

The video caused fans to speculate that Jackson and Dayna were dating. Both Jackson and Dayna reshared the footage on their TikTok and Instagram. 

Dayna even shared TMZ's story about their kiss on her Instagram story with the caption "YOUR DONE. LMAO."

After that video, Jackson and Dayna followed up with a second video. 

The duo was dancing to BTS' 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' remix and looking cozy, and in the caption, Dayna wrote "couple goals" while Jackson added a heart-shaped emoji and tagged her in his video. 

Dayna Marie and Blaneoh Dating

In 2020, Dayna and Blaneoh appeared on HIP HOP MIKE and opened up about their journey as a creator on TikTok and their relationship.

Dayna Marie and Balneoh

Dayna Marie and Balneoh on HIP HOP MIKE (Source: HIP HOP MIKE/Instagram)

The duo met in January 2020 and started making videos together, which did well and launched them as stars of the video-sharing app. 

Dayna shared that initially, they would upload videos and wouldn't know how they would perform, but now they knew the audiences and what to expect. 

They also shared they were "pretty sure" their fans knew they were together, but their new fans would comment on their great chemistry. 

"New fans would be like 'Oh I ship you guys and I am like 'we are already dating," said Dayna. 

The duo also touched upon competing with other couple TikTokers on the app. 

Dayna noted that many other couples on TikTok had way more followers than them, but they never copied them and did their own thing. 

But she claimed they were jealous of them because of how fast they grew. The TikToker also gushed about her boyfriend, saying he was really smart and taught her many things.