Starting out as a teenage songwriter, Jackson Browne found success writing songs for bands such as Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and The Eagles. He eventually released a self-titled debut album in 1972 and began his successful music career.

Throughout his life, Browne has written and sung songs about everything from politics to nature. And even at the age of 72, he is still actively making music, having released his latest work, Downhill from Everywhere, in 2021.

Browne currently lives in Los Angeles with his longtime partner, Diana Cohen, and his two children from previous marriages. Here’s a look at his family.

Jackson Browne's First Wife Committed Suicide

Browne got married to his first wife, Phyllis Major, in December 1975. The two had welcomed son Ethan Zane Browne two years prior to their marriage, on November 2, 1973.

Unfortunately, On March 25, 1976, Ethan lost his mother as she committed suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills. He was only three years old at the time.

Browne moved on with Lynne Sweeney, whom he met in Australia during a poolside bash. The two tied the knot on January 17, 1981, and had a son, Ryan Daniel Browne, a year later.

However, Browne and Sweeney’s relationship did not last long, and they split in November 1984, after he started a public romance with actress Daryl Hannah. He spoke about his failing relationship when talking with Craig Doerge.

Lynne and I are getting a divorce. We still love each other; we'll still be friends - that's not going to change. And if I told you all of this, you'd ask 'Well, then why are you breaking up?' And I just don't know what to say.

Joni Mitchell’s Allegations Against Jackson Browne

After parting ways with Daryl Hannah down the line, one of the women Browne got romantically involved with was singer Joni Mitchell. Things didn’t work out between the two and she later wrote the song ‘Not to Blame,’ where she made several vicious claims.

The song made several remarks about Browne, including him being violent towards Hannah, driving his first wife to suicide, and painting a bad image of his then three-year-old son.

Browne shot back at Mitchell 11 years after her song’s release, stating that what she said was 100% wrong.

Joni Mitchell is, unfortunately, she’s not really well… She’s not a happy person, and what she says in that song is absolutely, 100 percent wrong. And it’s very nasty, very, very ill, you know, very bad-spirited of her to make this kind of conjecture when in fact as she and every one of her friends know it’s all about carrying a torch for 20 years.

Browne further added that he was sick of people thinking she knew much about him, especially since they hadn’t known each other in the past 20 years. He also spoke about how it was abusive of her to write about his three-year-old son as someone who would take his mother’s death lightly.