It looks like Jack Osbourne has finally moved on with Aree Gearhart after he and his former wife, Lisa Stelly, finalized their divorce two years ago. 

The son of metal legend Ozzy Osbourne and his girlfriend stepped into 2022 as a newly engaged couple

Yes, that's right for those who are wondering, "is Jack Osbourne married?" he was, and he might get married again soon. 

The newly engaged couple took to Instagram to share the same selfie that showcased the couple bundled up in a natural winter setting. 

Gearhart rested her hand over her fiancé's chest to showcase her engagement ring.

Both of them could not stop gushing about the other in the caption. 

"I'll love you forever and then some @jackosbourne. My soulmate, my adventure partner, my protector. I'm ready for forever w you + our tribe," wrote Gearheart. 

Osbourne and Gearhart have been dating since 2019 after Osbourne's split from his former wife was confirmed. 

The couple was first spotted holding hands at the American Music Awards. 

And they have since gone on many family vacations with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

Jack Osbourne and His Former Wife

Before Gearhart, Osbourne and his former wife were together for six years. The duo began dating in 2011 and announced their engagement just four months later. 

But there was even more good news from the couple. 

A couple of weeks later, during an episode of Piers Morgan Tonight, the Fright Club star shared they were expecting their first baby.

Lisa Stelly, Jack Osbourne's former wife

Lisa Stelly, Jack Osbourne's former wife (Source: Lisa Stelly/Instagram)

Their first child, Pearl, was born in April 2012. However, shortly after Pearl's birth, the couple received terrible news regarding the reality star's health. 

One night in 2012, Osbourne suddenly saw a black dot in his vision while talking to his friend, and it just got worse when he woke up the next day. 

After several days of worsening vision, he went to a doctor and learned he had lesions on his brain associated with multiple sclerosis.

The couple didn't allow the bad news to impede their October 2012 wedding. They had a beautiful Hawaiian wedding with their loved ones. 

Jack Osbourne Finalizes His Divorce 

Everything seemed to be going great with Osbourne and his wife. The couple welcomed two more children. 

Andy Rose was born in 2015, and Minnie Theodora joined the family in 2017. However, behind the scenes, it seems not everything was as perfect as it appeared with Osbourne and his partner. 

Stelly filed for divorce just a few months after baby Theodora was born. According to a source, the couple had tried their best to make it work and even attended therapy sessions. 

But some things weren't solvable, and they ended up drifting apart. The source also added that Osbourne didn't want the divorce while Steely had enough. 

Eventually, the duo announced their split on social media, telling fans they were committed to co-parenting amicably.

In December 2018, they finalized the terms of their divorce. Osbourne agreed to pay Stelly $1 million in their divorce settlement in addition to the child support.