Jack Donoghue has apparently taken a weird approach to confirm he's dating Lana Del Rey.

The musician posted a couple of pictures with Lana on Instagram on July 12, 2022. The couple was standing in front of Chicago's Cook County Jail.

It was far from a subtle thing, too. They actually posed together in front of the jail board outside its premises, maybe implying that they are very serious about their romance.

Jack Donoghue and Lana Del Rey confirm their dating rumors with pictures from in front of a jail.

Jack Donoghue with girlfriend Lana Del Rey in July 2022. (Photo: Instagram)

Donoghue was already a hot topic after dating rumors with Lana first surfaced in May 2022. Now, people's interest in him has gone through the roof. So who is Lana's new boyfriend?

Who Is Jack Donoghue? Age, Birthday, and Career

Jack Donoghue was born on May 20, 1989, in Chicago. He is most known for being a musician, and now for being Lana's new boyfriend.

However, life hasn't been that straightforward for the Midwesterner, even though he has always returned to music. People who know the band Salem will understand that.

Donoghue, along with two other people — John Holland and Heather Marlatt — formed Salem in 2008. 2010 marked the release of their debut studio album, King Night. Then, in 2011, they released their EP, I'm Still in the Night.

Then they disappeared into obscurity for a long time. Donoghue stopped making music, which both scared and enticed the public.

In 2013, Donoghue contributed to Kanye West's Yeezus, and the band, too, picked up a bit of traction after being featured in other more popular places. However, the group decided not to capitalize on that. Instead, they went their separate ways.

By 2016, Donoghue had migrated to Montegut, Louisiana, looking for jobs at oil rigs. Soon after, he got back together with Holland and moved, first to Michigan (where he did window installation jobs) and then to Los Angeles.

2016 also brought Salem back as they appeared on Wolfgang Tillmans's Device Control EP. But that was it, again, for a while.

While all this was going on, Donoghue was also working on Fires in Heaven, writing songs for the album with Holland. Salem released Fires in Heaven on October 30, 2020.

Donoghue and the gang have again gone silent on the music front, but his personal life is keeping him in the news, and possibly even giving Salem a marketing boost.

Jack Donoghue and Lana Del Rey’s Dating Life

Donoghue and Lana's first dating rumors surfaced in May 2022. From May 20 through May 22, many pictures and videos went viral on social media, which showed Lana attending Donoghue's 33rd birthday party on May 20, 2022.

After this, Daily Mail confirmed, through a claimed insider source, that they were, in fact, dating. One of Donoghue's acquaintances, who asked to not be named, told the publication, "They seem really into each other."

At the party, held at the Fraternal Order of the Eagles social club in Altadena, East Los Angeles, both played each other's songs.

After this came the July 12, in-front-of-jail picture from Donoghue. The musician even put people's minds at ease by writing "family visit," in the caption, as speculations about his criminal records could start going haywire if he provided no context.

It's not sure why he chose to confirm their relationship in front of a criminal detention center, but if his personality and music are any hints, he is really into the not-so-usual.