Darren Watkins Jr, known as IShowSpeed, is a popular YouTuber with over 10 million subscribers.

His controversial statements and chaotic live streams are why his followers cannot seem to get enough of his content. 

Only a month ago, the YouTuber made headlines after lighting up fireworks in his bedroom, despite the chat warning him not to do so. 

The firecrackers started shooting fiery sparkles in all directions, and the streamer panicked and called his mother. Luckily, the firecracker died after a while, and nothing grave happened. 

And then, on August 8, 2022, his latest stream was cut short again, but this time for a completely different reason.


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During a YouTube IRL stream, the content creator was questioned by officers and restrained with handcuffs before the stream ended. 

IShowSpeed Cuffed During Livestream

The YouTuber was streaming when a group of Cincinnati Police Officers surrounded him outside a building. They handcuffed him and started interrogating him. 

His cameraman was present during the exchange and filmed everything. The video went viral on Twitter after Esports's insider Jake Lucky shared it. 

According to reports, someone had falsely reported him as a threat. In the footage, IShowSpeed looked visibly disoriented and afflicted throughout the incident.

“Oh my god, bro! I swear I didn’t do anything,” he said in disbelief and kept repeating he was innocent. 

A police officer then approached the cameraman and asked him to stop filming while they tried to figure things out. 

Jake Lucky shares a video of IShowSpeed being swatted during livestream

Jake Lucky shares a video of IShowSpeed being swatted during a live stream. (Source: Twitter)

But when the cameraman did not stop, the officer pushed the phone away, and that is where the stream ended.

In the background, IShowSpeed could be heard talking with the officers about the situation. 

The situation had IShowSpeed’s fans on edge. Many within the streaming community criticized the officer for the way he treated the cameraman, stating that forcing them to stop filming was illegal.

Adin Ross Says IShowSpeed Is Okay

The news of IShowSpeed’s swatting came after the SWAT team targeted popular streamer Adin Ross during his broadcast on August 7, 2022.


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Ross was streaming some gambling content when suddenly four police officers entered with weapons in their hands.

Ten minutes later, the streamer re-entered his room and ended the stream by saying, “Whatever troll did it, you did it. You officially did it. It’s never happening ever again. Crazy. […] That was insane.”

The reason for Ross being swatted is unknown, but this is not the first time streamers have been swatted. 

Online trolls privy to the streamers’ addresses see this as a prank and call the SWAT team on them.

Fans were worried for Ross, but on August 9, he got on Twitter and reassured everyone he was okay.

“I got swatted last night, very scary. But I’m okay, and I love you guys. Also, Speed got swatted as well, we just got off the phone he’s okay! Sick world we live in man,” said Ross. So far, IShowSpeed has not commented on the situation.