Mackenzie Ziegler and her ex-boyfriend Isaak Presley are once again amidst the cheating scandal. The TikTok stars had dated briefly in 2020 and parted in May 2020. 

Just months before their surprising breakup, the pair were involved in a cheating scandal. Their TikTok followers pointed out that Presley was cheating on Ziegler.

But the social media personality dismissed the accusation, defending her then-beau through a social media post. She wrote, "All of these girls are trying to say Isaak cheated on me when HE’S WITH ME EVERY DAY."

The 17-year-old also asked for privacy and stated how the stuff wasn't anyone's business. Despite denying the cheating scandal, Ziegler and Presley broke up in May 2020. 


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Right after the breakup, Presley uploaded a video and weighed in on the cheating allegations. First, he denied cheating on Ziegler, mentioning that outsiders only see a specific layer of reality. 

Then, touching down on their breakup, the social media influencer remarked he didn't leave his girlfriend for The Clubhouse. Instead, he announced his love for her and stated he had no negative thing to say on the matter. He added,

Sometimes when people break up, it doesn’t really have to do with they had bad blood, it’s just sometimes timing doesn’t work out.

After the separation, Ziegler started dating fellow TikToker Tacoda Dubbs in August 2020, whereas Presley moved on with Carson Tiffany. And for a moment, everything seemed to run smoothly. However, there was more drama on the way.

Mackenzie Ziegler Confirmed Presley's Cheating

Ziegler broke silence on the cheating scandal months after their breakup when Presley's new girlfriend Tiffany accused him of cheating.


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In December 2020, Tiffany took to Instagram stories to reveal she had broken up with Presley after knowing he cheated on her. In the wake of the shocking revelation, Ziegler fueled the drama, writing "Oh my God" and "Boys suck" in the response. 

The former Dance Moms star also acknowledged the previous cheating scandal and recounted, "He still won’t admit that he cheated on me tho."

At the moment, Presley didn't respond to the accusations and let the drama pass. 

The Drama Resurfaced 

On August 22, 2021, Ziegler again brought up the past cheating scandal through a TikTok video. The Pennsylvania native uploaded lip-sync to the phrase "What did I ever do to you?" and added a note, suggesting all exes say that. 

As soon as the video started making rounds on the internet, her followers believed she was throwing a dig at Presley. One TikTok quickly commented, "When you dated Isaac?" with skull emoji.

To everyone's surprise, Ziegler sarcastically replied, "Wait who?" 


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An Instagram page named the TikTok Insiders shared her mocking response in a post. And without hesitation, Presley responded to the satire in the comment section. 

In his first comment, the 19-year-old stated they were on friendly terms even after their split and then noted how crazy it was that he suddenly did something wrong.

Then, in the second comment, Presley stated he had never said anything negative about Ziegler.

Mentioning that they had greeted each other when they met on August 11, the California native also cited that the drama was unnecessary.

At the end of his comment, he wrote, "TBH, I wish her nothing but the best."

Ziegler's now-boyfriend, Tacoda Dubbs, spoke his mind on Presley's reply, commenting Ziegler had every right to speak up on the matter.

The reply, apparently, angered Presley. He instantly responded, asking Dubbs not to talk about loyalty. After that, the Stuck In The Middle star exposed Dubbs for stalking his ex-girlfriend Raelynn.

He ended his comment, saying, "I wish you two the best let's leave it at that."

In the light of the budding scandal, Presley's ex Tiffany also joined in the drama. She blasted Presley for playing the victim while stating it hurt to watch the spectacle unfold.