Alia Shelesh, better known as SSSniperWolf to her online fans, is a popular YouTuber with over 30 million subscribers. She rose to popularity after creating Let’s Play content for games such as Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Metal Gear Solid. 

But she has since transitioned into primarily reaction-based videos and started a second DIY-themed YouTube channel titled Little Lia. 

Fans seem to devour her content and appreciate her crass and dark humor, as well as harshly calling people out. 

But as much as fans love her, there are an equal number of haters. And in November 2020, they were successful. 

Netizens discovered an old 2018 video made by YouTuber xAMK Chaotic where the YouTuber exposed a different side of SSSniperWolf that not many people knew about.


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As the video gained traction on Twitter, it caught the attention of the cancel culture mob, who claimed she needed to be canceled. Some fans also criticized the YouTuber and withdrew their support for her. 

Is SSSniperWolf Transphobic?

xAMK Chaotic claimed Sssniperwolf was allegedly transphobic, racist, homophobic, and a body-shamer and presented video evidence, most of which he had collected from Sssniperwolf’s YouTube video. 

In a 2019 video titled ‘RUDE CUSTOMERS CAUGHT ON VIDEO Compilation,’ SSSniperWolf reacted to rude customers. 

A trans woman who was upset at being misgendered was screaming at a GameStop cashier who repeatedly called her “Sir.” 

SSSniperWolf laughed at the trans woman and made fun of her for being upset, which many felt was transphobic. 

xAMK Chaotic reveals SSSniperwolf's transphobic and racist side

xAMK Chaotic reveals SSSniperwolf's transphobic and racist side in a YouTube video. (Source: YouTube)

In another video, she called non-binary folks “Attack Helicopters,” a term used to mock trans-identifying and non-binary people that spread from a 2014 Copypasta text from Reddit. 

There was also a 2019 video in which the YouTuber reacted to Zendaya’s 2019 Met Gala outfit. 

Zendaya had dressed up as Cinderella with blonde hair, but according to SSSniperwolf, the actress should have gone as Princess Tiana, a person of color, as she believed Zendaya could not “pull off a Cinderella.”

In xAMK Chaotic’s disparaging video, he also revealed a series of tweets where the famous YouTuber mocked people with disabilities, used offensive language, and made transphobic remarks.

Fans React to SSSniperWolf’s Transphobia and Racism

In light of the allegations of transphobia and racism, fans reacted to their “favorite YouTuber’s” problematic past. 


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Many were shocked and disappointed that SSSniperWolf would do some things mentioned in xAMK Chaotic’s video. 

“This has to be a joke. SSSniperWolf is racist, homophobic, and transphobic and lied about being abused??” tweeted one user.

Meanwhile, another expressed feeling heartbroken, tweeting, “DO NOT sb [snapback] I just learned that SSSniperWolf uses the n-word a lot and shames people for getting plastic surgery when she got it herself heartbroken. DHMU (Don’t Hit Me Up) I’m sad bc of this.”

“Dear @sssniperwolf, You were my Childhood. Why would you be like this? I literally cried when I saw that you were racist and Transphobic. You literally mis-gendered someone,” a third one tweeted

As for SSSniperWolf, she did not respond to these allegations and is still active on her YouTube channel amid cancellation pressure.