Fendii, popularly known as ImFendii on TikTok, recently sparked his own death rumor after posting an ambiguous post on TikTok. The upload insinuated that he had died and generated a lot of reactions from his fans on the platform.

But, the creator has now clarified why he did so and cleared up the rumors of him being dead.

How Fendii's Death Rumors Started

On January 24, 2022, Fendii posted a clip on his TikTok. The video was in the usual Fendii style, but instead of being a quote or "word of the day," overlaid on the video, it was an announcement.

In a clip that showed the creator wearing a red hoodie with Mickey Mouse pants, the text read, "R.I.P Fendii Sorry To All The Fans That Supported him"

Further, it said that he would be missed and remembered by all his fans for his "Heart Touching Quotes."

The whole text was in quotations, a thing people noticed in the comment section.

The section was filled with confused people asking questions about what had actually happened.

Someone speculated that the words meant Fendii was only not doing the quote format content anymore.

Another person expressed their dissatisfaction with the post saying, "IF THIS A JOKE ITS NOT FUNNY AT ALL"

The others did not believe the announcement because it was random.

But, after the post gained traction, Fendii felt the need to clarify what was going on.

Fendii Cleared up Death Rumors

A few hours after the post was uploaded, Fendii posted a comment on the above-discussed post. The commentary alone would have been enough to prove that he was not dead.

However, the TikTok sensation wanted to make it up to his fans.

He said, "Imma make it up to y'all," as he announced he was going live on the platform later.

Fendii continued saying he would FaceTime all of his 500 thousand followers on the platform if he needed to clear out the air.

This takes us to his Instagram stories, where he revealed the truth on January 25.

People who speculated that the post was nothing but Fendii's unusual way of announcing departure from his content format were right.

On the first of his series of IG stories, he revealed he would not post quotes anymore while also recognizing that people know him for it.

Fendii's Instagram Story clearing up his death rumors.

Fendii's Instagram Story clearing up his death rumors. (Photo: Fendii/Instagram)

He also thanked everyone who cared about him.

In the following story, he talked about going live on TikTok. He admitted life behind the camera could get stressful at times, but he was too strong to take his own life. "I have a lot to live for," he concluded.

A few stories later, Fendii said he would still do the "word of the day" content and apologized to everyone upset at him.

Continuing with the posts, Fendii said he did not "act hollywood" when he got famous, which differentiated him from the other TikTokers.

Fendii reveals break up with his girlfriend.

Fendii reveals breakup with his girlfriend. (Photo: Fendii/Instagram)

In the last story of the series, he dropped a bombshell on everyone, revealing he had broken up with his girlfriend.

As of this writing, he has uploaded another "word of the day," where he says, "Sometimes In Life We Don't Realize What We Have Until It's Gone."

Fendii is not the only TikTok star to have ignited death rumors recently. Recently, the Alisov Twins did the same.

They, too, took to Instagram stories to reveal that nobody was dead.