Alisov Brothers are back at it again!

The twins, who first gained notoriety through their unusual posts on TikTok about dating one another, recently sent their followers into a frenzy through a #rip post.

The ambiguity had riled people up. They wanted to know if one of them had actually died or was it just a sick joke from them.

Some also speculated that it might be related to their break up. The twins have now clarified all confusion in a recent Instagram upload.

Alisov Brothers and Their Death Rumors

The twins set off the speculations that one of them might be dead through a cryptic post on December 17, 2021, on their TikTok @alisovbrothers.

In the post captioned "#rip miss you," one of the twins was seen sitting with a black top on.

He looked upset. In an inset right above his head, a video played which showed the twins' times together in the past.

The inset's placement implied that he was remembering the good memories with his apparently dead brother.

The sad music playing in the background added to the upsetting effect of the video.

Shortly after this, another video appeared on the channel. This was a post further "confirming" that one of them had died.

The second video showed the same twin with the same top. But this time, he was close to the camera, and tears could be seen running down his cheeks.

The clip begins as his eyes are closed. Then, a translucent hand, implying the hand of the dead brother trying to reach out, appeared on his right shoulder.

The one in the video opened his eyes as soon as he "felt" the ghostly touch.

"i cannot believe it...," the caption began and ended with "(more on inst: alisovbrothers)" as the whole ordeal played out with a song titled 'I Wanna Ruin Our Friendship.'

These two posts strongly suggested that one of them had died and the other was mourning and experiencing supernatural phenomena.

People in the comment sections, though, were having none of it.

Alisov Brothers Faked Their Death

With massive traction comes massive scrutiny. And that's what happened with these two videos.

People, who were already skeptical about their relationship, took to the comment section of the videos to voice their concerns and discontentment.

Most of these were from people who did not believe any of them was dead.

The comments that appeared on the first video did not even seem to acknowledge the alleged death. They just talked about how their mother must have found out about their relationship and break up.

"they must've got caught," said one TikTok user while another chimed in with, "guys calm down he just broke up with his TWIN" with a clear emphasis on them being twins.

Further below, some were asking if it was just a skit.

"It better be a very sick joke..," said a third.

There were also some actually worried people. They were seeking answers about whether they were okay.

Moving on to the reactions in the other video, it was more or less similar comments.

Someone named 'Random Username' was asking which one of them had died rather than if one of them had died. Presumably a twin joke.

A few others opined that this was just a PR tactic as they had more followers on TikTok than they had on Instagram and they wanted to transfer the viewership over to the next one.

Everyone claiming this was just a skit was right. The twins clarified what had happened on their Instagram stories on January 20.

One of the twins who had presumably written the post shared that they had gotten into a fight a few days ago.

Due to this, one of them moved out. He also did not return calls.

Alisov Brothers clarified their death rumors and the reason for the posts about one of them being dead.

Alisov Brothers clarified their death rumors and the reason for the posts about one of them being dead. (Photo: Alisov Brothers/Instagram)

So the one who was at home made these TikToks as a way to get a response from the other.

It apparently worked, and he announced they were back filming again.

Their first post after getting back together came on TikTok on January 20. In the video, one of them lip-synced a dialogue from BoJack Horseman.

"I don't like being around you because I feel bad," one said as he pulled the other one close.

It remains to be seen if they address their break up anytime soon.