Howard Hewett is still looking for a spouse even after four failed marriages. 

Hewett has said “I do” four times, and during his appearance on Unsung, the singer opened up about many aspects of his life, including his marriages. 

For the unversed, Unsung is a documentary series that profiles some of the talented but forgotten R&B, Soul, and Gospel artists.

Hewitt revealed that he still wanted to find a spouse who could deal with his personality despite four failed marriages.

“I haven’t found the person who could deal with all my changes,” said the singer. 

Howard Hewett Met His First Spouse in California

Hewett moved to California after high school and toured with the musical group, Beverly Hills.

Howard Hewett is still looking for a spouse

Howard Hewett is still looking for a spouse after four failed marriages. (Source: Howard Hewitt/Instagram)

A few months later, the singer was introduced to his first spouse, Rainey Riley-Cunningham, by the late Don Cornelius, creator of Soul Train

Cunningham was a Soul Train dancer and the secretary to Cornelius. 

The duo fell in love hard and fast, got married, and had two daughters, LaKiva Siani and Rainey Daze. 

As a musician, Hewett was constantly on the move for tours, and as a result, he ended up cheating on his wife. 

“I wasn’t a good dude. I was not faithful,” he admitted, and the couple divorced in 1993. 

After the divorce, Hewett carried on with his career and eventually met Mori Molina at an after-party. 

There are no details on when they married, but in January 1986, the couple was busted for possessing drugs. 

Hewett revealed that he was not aware Molina was dealing with drugs until the arrest. 

His wife was sentenced to two years in prison while he got away because the court found him not guilty.

The couple was only married for two years, and it is unknown when they divorced. 

Howard Hewett’s Third and Fourth Marriage

After a second chance in life, Hewett signed with Elektra and focused on releasing his solo debut album. 

He also collaborated with other singers, and it was then that he met his third spouse and actress/dancer/singer/songwriter Nia Peeples. 

Hewitt was sought by Peeples' label for her debut album. They met at a recording session and hit it off immediately.

The singer did not want to be in a relationship with someone in the industry, but he fell in love. 

The duo eventually tied the knot and welcomed a baby boy shortly after releasing his self-titled album. 

Hewett and Peeples also got custody of Hewett’s two eldest kids. 

But sadly, the marriage didn’t last, with Peeples claiming that Hewett’s party lifestyle and infidelity tore them apart. 

After the marriage ended, the hitmaker was single for two years. 

He focused on his career and continued performing as a solo artist during that time. 

Hewett also married caterer Angela Bloom-Hewett and had one daughter, Anissa. 

His marriage with his fourth spouse lasted the longest, causing fans to believe he had found his happily ever after. 

But after being together for nearly 14 years, they divorced in 2012. And since then, the singer has remained single.