"Ma'am I'm like a hunting dog. I'm a dog, just not the kind you pat," was what Henry Rollins had to say to a woman hitting on him. 

It's fairly obvious that the man is not dating anyone. In fact, he has not had a girlfriend since his twenties. 

He's in his sixties these days. 

Henry Rollins on his 59th birthday

Henry Rollins on his 59th birthday (Source: Instagram)

Henry Rollins' Views on Having a Girlfriend

During an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, the singer-songwriter explained how he was not wired to have an adult relationship. He was simply too much of a workaholic. 

Rollins had nothing against the girlfriend he didn't have, mind you!

He just understood that a relationship as a man and a woman — as responsible adults who have more life behind them than they do ahead — wasn't a transaction that he was willing to partake in. 

Rollins even entertained the possibility of having a girlfriend. So this hypothetical girlfriend would expect them to spend some time on a Friday night. 

But then, Rollins would much rather be cooped up in his home office and write for four hours straight. 

Needless to say, his independent weekend calendar would not sit well with this hypothetical partner. 

In another video for Big Think, the musician professed that the concept of the institution of marriage was "insane." 

He was especially opposed to the idea of how after the divorce, which he somehow readily assumed would happen, he would have to give up half of his belongings to his (again hypothetical) partner. 

"By law, does she get half of my record collection?" he questioned. "No way! She might when I get done with the chainsaw... She can go on eBay and overpay for her own copy like I did." 

He would much rather go to weddings than be a groom in one. 

Henry Rollins' Views on Gay Marriage

Then again, if someone was crazy enough to partake in this contract of marriage, he was not the least bit against it. 

It was not a question of if it was two men or two women getting married. Gay marriages were just like any other couple in his eyes. 

"If you don't want a gay marriage then don't have one, same thing with abortion," he voiced. 

It should be an independent choice, not one forced onto them by society or the state. 

"I think that gay marriages are covered under the first amendment," he further stated. "I think this conversation is over."

That being said, he was not dismissive of the fact that homophobia still existed. 

Then again, he argued that there were people funding this homophobia.

It was a major source of fundraising for political and religious agendas, and as long as the bucks kept flowing in, they would not let it die down. 

"Because Islamophobia only goes so far, but hating the gay, that one always runs," he argued. 

And because of how well this argument performed, several parties were motivated to keep the fire of homophobia roaring. 

Rollins, towards the end of his segment, claimed that "Homophobia is an endangered species." 

Food for thought...