Streetwear culture goes way back before the term was officially coined because of small exchanges on downtown streets, according to Hypebeast's article based on the Streetwear Impact Report.

In simple terms, they sold casual clothes like t-shirts, hoodies, and sneakers, which helped the culture to flourish. So now, when you wear them, you are, in some way, promoting the streetwear culture.

With the world's modernization, streetwear culture has gone hand in hand with newer changes and succeeded in making it big in the clothing industry.

Now, to further promote the culture and encourage aspiring designers, HBO Max is introducing a streetwear competition series, The Hype, along with the producers of Queer Eye and rapper Offset.

'The Hype' Series

In March 2021, HBO Max ordered The Hype from Scout Productions, where 10 streetwear professionals will compete in a series of challenges that would test their intricacies of designing, the business of fashion, and the ability to identify the latest trends.

According to Deadline, the eight-part series will see Offset as a producer and one of the judges of the competition.


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Speaking to the publication, the rapper talked about the show and expressed his excitement about serving as producer. He added,

I feel like the show Hype was created with creatives like myself in mind. I’m happy to not only be a co-signer for the show but a producer. We are giving opportunities to the culture.

The other judges include Marni Senofonte, a costume designer who has worked with the likes of Beyoncé and Lauryn Hill, and Beth Birkett, creative director and founder of Bephies Beauty Supply.

The show's concept was developed by Scout’s David Collins, Rob Eric, Michael Williams, and Rachelle Mendez. In addition, the first Black female recipient of an Emmy Awards, Rikki Hughes, will serve as showrunner. The streetwear competition series will be hosted by Speedy Morman.

Hunt For the Next Great Streetwear Designer

Speaking with Deadline, Sarah Aubrey, the head of original content at HBO Max, stated that the series aims to hunt for the next great streetwear designer.

She also mentioned the ever-present influence of the streetwear culture around the world "from high fashion and popular culture, to a form of individual self-expression and identity."

The outlet further featured Collins' statement, in which he said his team is thrilled to use a platform provided by HBO Max to allow talented streetwear designers to tell their stories. 

"Along with Ty Ty and Jay, we’ll step beyond traditional fashion trends and bring viewers into the nuanced world of style and self-expression that is also a full-time business," he added.

The Trailer and Release Date

The official trailer for the streetwear competition series The Hype was released by HBO Max on July 21, 2021, through YouTube.

In the 2 minutes and 24 seconds long video, ten aspiring streetwear designers talk about streetwear culture while trying to impress the judges with their works.

The trailer also shows the judges — Offset, Senofonte, and Birkett. The description revealed the final winner would receive a grand prize, consisting of "an industry co-sign, a feature on streetwear platform StockX, and $150,000."

The Hype is slated to stream on HBO Max on August 12, 2021.