The life-changing show Queer Eye has succeeded in creating bliss for the show star Anthony Brown, also known as A. J, as he is finally married to his partner after arrays of personal struggles regarding his sexuality. 

The Atlanta resident rose to fame after he participated in the fourth episode of the Queer Eye titled  "To Gay Or Not Too Gay." 

A.J Brown(right) and Karamo Brown in the set of Queer Eye (Photo:

A.J Brown, who is a civil engineer by profession, had a clumsy look and a messy life when he first joined the show. He wore baggy dresses and had messy hairstyles. He didn't even flaunt his body thinking that it was too gayish. 

He had struggled to come out as gay to his family and parents. Moreover, he wasn't open to his colleagues at work. 

Queer Eye: The Show That Changed A.J Brown

Queer Eye is an American web series which is a reboot of the Bravo series "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" featuring a Fab Five assisting the contestants. The first series released on 7th February 2018 and the second on June 15, 2018. The third one is all set to premiere in 2019.

Karamo Brown(Culture and Lifestyle Expert), Bobby Berk(Design Expert), Antoni Porowski(Food and Wine Expert), Tan France(Fashion Expert), and Jonathan Van Ness(Grooming Expert) comprised the Fab Five.

He appeared on the first season as a simple civil engineer residing in Atlanta, who had a fear of revealing his sexuality to his family and the world. His episode "To Gay Not Too Gay" aired on 7th February 2018 and came out as the most emotional episode of the season.

But with the help of the five experts of the Queer Eye, A.J Brown changed: not only his dress up brought the change but also his confidence that grew up with regards to his gay sexuality.  

In mid of all the insecurities, A.J during the filming of the fourth episode regretted that he never could come out to his father when he was alive. He had even written a letter to him, but all because of his insecurities, he could never give it to his dad.

Instead, he read the letter to his stepmother and came out as a gay in front of her for the first time. Along with the announcement, he also admitted to his mom that he was in a long-term relationship with boyfriend Andre, mostly known as Drey.

Things turned emotional when his stepmom happily accepted him and also his relationship. With support from family and the five experts, A.J got engaged to his partner Drey in February 2018. 

Their engagement was officially announced via a video posted on the Twitter page of Queer Eye on 23 February 2018. The experts of the show also confirmed the news and shared their excitement on Twitter. 

While the memories of the engagement bliss were still tearing up audiences, A.J announced on 1st June 2018 that he married his fiance. The news came as a piece of good news to all his fans and admirers and everyone was happy seeing A.J finally officiating his same-sex relationship as a marriage and it was like the sweetest outcome from the show.

Leap From Engagement: Marriage!

A.J and his partner, Drey appeared together at the Netflix's FYSee event in Los Angeles on 31 May 2018 and reunited with the experts of the show. During their time being, the pair revealed that they tied the knots and got married.

A.J Brown poses with boyfriend Drey (Third and Fourth from left) and the five fabs of Queer Eye at FYSee event in Los Angeles on 31 May 2018 (Photo: Queer Eye's twitter)

Though the marriage surfaced out, the pair didn't spill the beans on the details of their wedding. They also kept the wedding spot and wedding date concealed.

The couple is out of the limelight as they were not cast in the second season of the show. We guess they are living a simple life out from the spotlight. We wish both of them to have a blissful married life ahead.