Renowned as a musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer for his band, KC and the Sunshine Band, 70-year-old Harry Wayne Casey has always managed to keep his personal life away from the spotlight.

That means the famed musician has given away no information regarding his relationships, possible girlfriends, he hasn't even talked about marriage and wife. If online sources are to be believed, Casey isn't married yet.

So what is the reason behind Casey being unmarried? Here's all you need to know!

Does Harry Wayne Casey Have a Wife?

This might comes across as repetitive information of what is stated earlier, but it is true that Casey, the pioneer of the disco genre of the 1970s, has never mentioned anything related to his married life or confirmed having a wife.

Going by that, it is evident that he does not talk about that topic and hasn't been spotted with a partner publicly, presumably because he is unmarried and has never had a spouse.

In addition, Casey is not available on Instagram, where celebrities usually share their personal lives. Due to that, most of his personal life details are not known publicly. However, he does have a Twitter handle, but the account is not verified, and he has hardly said a word about his love life on the platform.

Harry Wayne Casey Is Too Focused on His Music

The one possible reason he has opted not to get married or indulge in a relationship could be because he is too focused on his music and career.

The man who is known to millions as KC of KC and the Sunshine Band has been producing hits since he started his band in 1973. 

He first enjoyed minor success with two early singles, 'Blow Your Whistle' in 1973 and 'Sound Your Funky Horn' in 1974, before coming with the song 'Get Down Tonight' in 1975, which turned out to be a massive hit in the United States.

However, Casey also took breaks from creating music with his band from time to time and recorded several pop-oriented solo albums.

He once took a long hiatus after a serious car accident in January 1981, followed by another car accident that left him partially paralyzed for six months.

However, he didn't let that get in the way of his passion for music. That drive pushed him to get back on his feet and entertain his fans and music lovers.

Harry Wayne Casey Grew up in Musical Family

Speaking with South Florida Gay News magazine in July 2018, Casey admitted that he grew up in a musical family. "My cousins all sang or played instruments. My mother and her sisters used to do local radio commercials. I was kind of well-rounded," he said.

The veteran musician also shared that he grew up in a gospel church and the musical environment of the place influenced him.

Determined to get into the music business, he started taking piano lessons at the age of 13 or 14 and later worked at a local record store. He even opened boxes at Tone Record Distributors and hung around a local recording studio in the hope of getting his big break and record a song.

All in all, it looks like the music legend is content with where he is in life and has no plans to change things. However, if he does decide to settle down with a partner or wife in the future, we wish him nothing but the best.