Harry Shum Jr. tied the knot with his wife, Shelby Rabara, on November 22, 2015. Needless to say, the wedding was gorgeous, not to mention gleeful!

Social media updates from the actor and his peers revealed that the couple hosted their wedding in a beautiful tropical location in Costa Rica. 

Glee stars alums Amber Riley, Jenna Ushkowitz, and Kevin McHale accompanied the bride and the groom to the tropical paradise over the weekend.

On the day of their wedding, Shum put up an incredibly beautiful picture of him and his wife holding two sky lanterns by the beach at nightfall, overlooking the sea. 


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In the picture shot by Davina + Daniel Photography, the groom sported a short-sleeve white collared shirt and matching pants, while his wife wore a sleeveless, backless white gown.

A source with Us Weekly, at the time, told the outlet that the couple had been together for years and were "so great together."

The twosome got married about two years after their engagement while on vacation in Hawaii. 

Harry Shum Jr. on the Wedding

In an interview with People before the wedding, Shum confessed how he initially thought that the engagement and the wedding were for his wife. 

"As a dude I thought I would be like, 'It's more for her.' But it was for me, too. I'm super happy," he told the outlet. 

He also admitted to feeling a different air of commitment between the two. 

Harry Shum Jr. with his wife Shelby Rabara

Harry Shum Jr. with his wife Shelby Rabara (Source: Instagram)

"I guess it is that commitment that changes from a boyfriend-girlfriend commitment. I didn't realize it would change until I did it." 

While the wife took charge of the wedding planning, the professional dancer was also very much involved in the process.

"I would say that I'm not, but I am," Shum said. "I'm like 'No, no. Have it but maybe do that?'"

The Next Step — Parenthood

That being said, many a moon has passed since the newlywed couple let those sky lanterns go, and the couple has found a new milestone in their relationship — parenthood. 

In March 2019, the Crazy Rich Asians actor and his wife Rabara had welcomed their first child, daughter Xia. 

The couple broke the news of the arrival of their little angel over similar Instagram posts on their respective handles.


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Both spouses posted a sweet black and white photograph of baby Xia's feet inside a light pink frame that had "How wonderful life is, now you're in the world" typed above the shot.

Shum and his spouse announced their pregnancy over a tweet in November, the year prior. 

In the post, the Glee star hid behind Rabara — whose baby bump was clearly visible — so that only his hands, which were placed over her stomach, were visible.

Making a comically surprised face, the expectant mother, who is also an actress, held her hands up to her cheeks.

And just like that, without a word being uttered, everyone found out. 

Rabara seems to make regular appearances on the actor's socials. However, he seems hesitant about flaunting his daughter there.