Congratulations are in order for The Alexander Family's Hali And Deno, who welcomed their twins on December 27.

At the start of 2021, the couple, who also goes by Nu and Deno, uploaded a video on their The Alexander Family YouTube channel.

The couple had made vision boards with everything they wanted to accomplish for the coming year. 

Hali and Deno

Deno posing for a picture with pregnant Hali. (Source: Hali's Instagram)

Deno had a picture of a little boy on his board. He explained that since Hali did not want kids, it would be on their 2021 agenda, no matter what. And Deno kept true to his words.

In a July vlog, Hali announced she was pregnant with twins. She talked about the symptoms she was experiencing and also took her viewers with her for the ultrasound and discovered she was having twins. 

The gender of the babies was not revealed yet, but it did not stop Deno from hoping they were baby boys.

But two months after Hali was pregnant, the couple discovered they were having baby girls at their gender reveal party. 

Hali and Deno Welcome Twins

The couple regularly updated their fans on their pregnancy journey, and on December 27, Hali finally gave birth.

Her labor and delivery vlog was uploaded to her YouTube channel. The video started with a clip of the newborn babies. 

After that, it cut off to Hali pre-labor and shared that she was ready to welcome the babies while Deno expressed his excitement over seeing how his baby girls would look. Hali was then wheeled off to delivery. 

The video then transitioned to Hali carrying her twin babies. Her boyfriend shared their babies looked like him. The newborns were swaddled in a blanket with a beanie on. 

And on the beanies, the names Zoe and Zuri were written. Hali noted Zuri looked like her while Zoe looked like Deno.

When Deno asked the new mother how she was feeling, she shared that the whole experience felt surreal. 

Before closing out the video, Hali shared she would make another video explaining how she felt and share her experience. 

Hali and Runik's Past

Apart from the video, Hali had also uploaded a photo with the twins on her Instagram. The comments section was flooded with congratulatory messages.

Some even wrote that she was doing much better since she broke up with Runik. 

Before Hali and Deno were together, she was dating Runik. Although there aren't many details about their relationship, Hali did share details of how it ended on her Instagram, which The Shade Room Teens reposted. 

According to Hali, Runik visited her late at night, asking her to come out of her house, but she denied it as it was too late and then blocked his number.

This happened several times, with Runik calling from a new number and Hali blocking him. 

After several failed attempts to get Hali to talk, Runik smashed her car's windshield out of anger.

The Shade Room Teens added in the caption that he ended up getting a restraining order because of it.