Guz Khan has found much success through his standups, shows, and impressions. For many of his jokes, the comedian derives his material from his religion — being Muslim and people judging him for it.

In a show Khan did for Live at the Apollo, he recounted the story of how a neighbor who had known him for 27 years had begun second guessing about him after buying into the media’s narrative about ISIS.


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Khan has also joked about similar matters in several of his other shows. However, he hasn’t always addressed this topic in a joking manner.

He previously took to Twitter to share how his then six-year-old son had heard many racist remarks while posting a video of people expressing their thoughts on integrating Rosedale in Queens, NY back in 1978.

The people back then were fiercely opposed to the idea, as they didn’t want the white and Black people mixing with each other.

“The truth is, there are still far toooo many bigoted disgraceful people who teach their children this level of hate,” he wrote in his tweet.

“My son is 6 and has repeatedly heard this stuff in his tiny beautiful existence… This is a rhetoric that is utilised to win elections… sadly even today.”

Guz Khan on ‘Man Like Mobeen’

Aside from addressing such matters in tweets and his standup appearances, Khan has also portrayed the roughness of some neighborhoods through his 2017 miniseries titled Man Like Mobeen.

There, he has addressed issues such as racial profiling, arranged marriages, youth violence, knife crime, and more.

When talking to the Evening Standard about it, Khan shared he wanted to explore the idea of some people being on a destructive path because of their family circumstances.

Guz Khan on 'Man Like Mobeen'

Guz Khan on 'Man Like Mobeen.' (Source: YouTube)

“It’s stuff I lived through. Stuff going on in the hood right now. You might want to turn over a new leaf but not have the opportunity to do so,” he said.

Khan also added he had experienced it firsthand back when he was teaching in secondary school.

“The school I taught in was majority white working-class kids from generations of social housing, their old men constantly in and out of prison. It’s a predetermined path, so I wanted to look at that in Man Like Mobeen.” 

Guz Khan Has Four Kids with Wife

On top of being a successful comedian, Khan is also a family man. He lives in Coventry with his mom, wife, and four kids.

But unlike matters related to his career, Khan has kept his personal life away from the spotlight. He rarely talks about his wife and kids, and even when he does, he doesn’t go into much detail.

Khan previously shared a funny incident involving his kids and wife when talking to The Guardian back in February 2019.

“My youngest son produced a poo and placed it on the table in Dixy Chicken once,” he said. “HILARIOUS. His mum almost died, though.”

In a tweet he made back in June 2021, the comedian joked, saying he had been married to his wife for 32 years already. As for when exactly he tied the knot with his wife, Khan has never talked about it.