If you are wondering, "is Gus Kenworthy gay?" the answer is yes, and he seems to have a new partner in his life. 

The professional freestyle skier rose to prominence after winning a silver medal in the Sochi Winter Olympics, held in Russia in 2014. 

A year later, he came out as gay. In Netflix's reality show Coming Out Colton, he explained he had started dating a guy who guided him. 

He also mentioned that he intentionally avoided the LGBTQ community out of fear, but his partner helped embrace it. 

So who is this partner, and what is Kenworthy's love life like? Here is all you should know!

Gus Kenworthy and His Previous Partner

The partner who helped Kenworthy's journey in coming out was actor Matt Wilkas, 14 years older than him.

Kenworthy had reached out to Wilkas on Instagram and asked him out for coffee when he took a break from his ex-boyfriend. 

But the coffee date didn't pan out, and nothing happened at the moment. 

However, the Olympic silver medalist asked the actor out again a year later. They hit it off immediately, and at the end of their date, they even kissed. 

They hung out again the next day, and this time Wilkas met Kenworthy's mother, who loved him right away.  

Gus Kenworthy and his former partner, Matt Wilkas

Gus Kenworthy and his former partner, Matt Wilkas, at the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium. (Source: Gus Kenworthy/Instagram)

The Gayby actor even accompanied Kenworthy to the 2018 Olympics. They dated for four years before calling it quits in July 2019. 

"Gus and Matt are taking time apart. They love and support each other and remain close friends," their representative told People.

Although they did not unveil the reason for their separation, the skier had previously told Out it was difficult to maintain their relationship because of the long distance between them. 

He was training and competing in Denver while Wilkas lived in New York.

The athlete also explained he was young and had explored little of his sexuality. He clarified his beau did not want to deprive him of new experience, confirming he would not settle down with the actor. 

Gus Kenworthy and His New Boyfriend

Before dating Wilkas, Kenworthy was in a relationship with his first boyfriend, Robbin. 

Robbin was involved in the ski industry besides working in film and photography. Both of them were still closeted, and no one knew about their relationship.

Their romance had spurred when they hadn't yet acknowledged their sexuality. They became friends initially.

And after realizing their feelings for one another, Kenworthy made the first move, gathering some liquid courage.

He was fearful of his friend's reaction. But Robbin reciprocated similar sentiment, which started their five-year-long relationship. 

They kept their budding romance a secret from the world. But eventually, tensions between the duo grew, and they took a break. And that's when Kenworthy met Wilkas. 

After Wilkas, Kenworthy remained single. However, he seems to be back in the dating game with a new partner. 

In an Instagram carousel about his Green Island vacation in September 2021, he posted several images of him swimming and holding hands with a man whose identity has not been disclosed yet.