Gogglebox sees a group of friends and family sit together and react to the shows airing on the week's television.

Because of its unique format, the show found outstanding success, pulling millions of viewers every week.

However, many watchers thought some reactions of the show's stars were over the top, questioning whether the show was scripted.

As the topic gained more traction, a former star of Gogglebox who asked Daily Star not to reveal their identity claimed that the show was fake.

"I have decided to speak out as a few people have started to comment on Twitter that there are things on the show that look fake," they said. "Well, they are right."

The whistleblower noted they don't film Gogglebox across the week but set aside a night for filming, which can go on for hours.

They also added that they keep changing clothes and snacks to give the illusion that the reactions were filmed on different nights.

Another claim the former star made was the producers had told the stars what to react to ahead of time.

"Sometimes we are told, 'Louis Walsh is going to say something shocking on X Factor so we want you to react to that,'" they shared. 

"If you can't think of anything, the producers come up with a joke."

Is 'Gogglebox' Scripted?

After the whistleblower's claims, many were convinced that Gogglebox was scripted. However, a Channel 4 spokeswoman denied the claims.

She shared the casts were filmed for two to three nights per week. The spokeswoman further noted that the production team did not influence the comments and that the reactions were genuine.

Tom Malone Jr. Says It's Not Scripted

Later on, another star of the show expressed similar ideas. Tom Malone Jr, one of the show's most loved stars, confirmed the show was not scripted.

Tom Malone Jr. confirmed 'Gogglebox' isn't scripted

Tom Malone Jr. confirmed 'Gogglebox' isn't scripted (Source: Instagram)

Malone Jr. said he and his family said he and his family said the first things that came to their mind.

He explained that sometimes their comments weren't always a common view, and that was because his family had a blunt sense of humor.

Malone Jr. further added no one had told them they couldn't say this or that during filming, as it was their opinion.

However, in case the stars made any controversial comments, the producers would cut it. "If there is ever anything too controversial, they just wouldn't show it."

The statement came a month after he quit Gogglebox to focus on other opportunities. Following his exit, he started working in a new job that involved testing chairs for business and home solutions specialist BiGDUG.

Malone Jr. joked about the situation on his social media.

"As you know, I've just quit my job at Gogglebox because I was sick of getting paid to sit on my ***," he wrote.

"Now for my first real brand job I'm going to be sitting on my *** - you can't really make it up. New opportunities are knocking on the door and it's time to explore them."

Malone Jr has since taken part in The Real Dirty Dancing, a new reality show that sees ten celebrities put their dancing skills to the test.