Actor Glynn Turman married Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, in 1978. Though their marriage only lasted for six years, the two remained friends even after their split.

Turman visited Franklin on her last day and shared about their final moments together.

I was able to feel her pulse, which was strong. So she was fighting ‘till the very end. She’s always been a warrior–a strong, strong woman and a fighter.

The actor further added that while Franklin couldn’t communicate despite being conscious, she knew he was there.

He described the moment as being “full of closure,” especially because he understood how precious it was.

Glynn Turman And His Second Wife Aretha Franklin

Turman and Franklin met for the first time at the Tom Joyner Morning Show. He was backstage when Franklin’s son, Clarence Franklin, came up to him. 

Clarence told Turman his mother loved him, and he paid her a visit in her dressing room.

After their first meeting, the two grew closer because of acting. She was interested in learning the craft and he taught acting at the time.

Turman and Franklin tied the knot on April 11, 1978. He was already a father to three children while she was a mother to four.

Their family settled together quickly, and he described her as being an amazing stepmother to his children.

Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last, and they separated in 1982. Their divorce was completed on February 7, 1984.

Glynn Turman And Wife Jo-Ann Allen

Following his split from Franklin, Turman moved on with his current wife, Jo-Ann Allen.

Neither Turman nor Allen have spoken much about their relationship. However, he revealed how he proposed to her on OWN’s Black Love.

Turman shared he didn’t think he would tie the knot ever again after his first two marriages. He and Allen had discussed it beforehand and welcomed a daughter together.

Turman recalled the night he popped the question, saying he still wasn’t sure how it happened. “I don’t know how I opened my mouth. I knew that, and the words ‘will you marry me’ came out of my mouth.”

Turman took Allen as his wife on February 14, 1992.

Five years prior to their marriage, Allen and Turman had welcomed their only child together, daughter Delena Turman, on October 14, 1987.

Delena contributed her voice to the 2019 movie The Planters. She also has experience as a producer and production assistant on shows like Anderson Live, House of Lies, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


Aside from Delena, Turman is the father to three other children from his first marriage, two sons and a daughter.

Among the three children, his son Glynn Turman Jr. passed away in November 1986.

According to AP NEWS, he was stabbed to death during a fight in the parking lot of a beachside restaurant.

Not much is known about Turman’s other son.

As for his daughter Stephanie Turman, she is the president of the Pittsburgh-based Always Busy Consulting.

When Franklin passed away, Stephanie had stepped forward to share some of her memories with the late singer.