One of the highest-rated series, Ghost Adventures, which captured paranormal activities, was first aired in October 2008 by Travel Channel.

A series founded by Zak Bagans led the series with his team members, Aaron Goodwin, A/V techs Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley. They investigate haunted locations all around the globe in search of a connection with another world. 

The sole purpose of the series was to expose the uncanny events stated by the place owners, who claimed to be plagued by spirits.

Since the commencement of the series, they have assembled ghastly voices, apparitions, and objects making self movements. The team said they have been scratched, touched, and pushed by undetected forces. 

In an interview with People, Bagans said the adrenaline rush pumps their energy to scrutinize the situation. 

While this might be a fun and thrilling series to watch on television, few people questioned its authenticity. 

To decide whether the incidents portrayed were real or fake, some people took part in this mysterious journey with Bagans and his team. 

'Ghost Adventures' and Their Guest's Scary Experience

Although the series makers were sharing evidence from their adventure, it couldn't halt the speculations about the show being real or fake. 

The show was not fake, and the only thing that was scripted was the shots between the crew and the guests invited, said Ozzy Mora, a journalist at 12News

In April 2018, she experienced terror and unexplained events at Gila County Jaill, Arizona, and was confronted with unknown energy. She went there to cover a feature story on the haunted incidents of the place.

That's when her GoPro went crazy and turned off. As a result, she couldn't capture the event. 

Her incident caught the attention of Ghost Adventures. The team interviewed Mora and asked her about her experience.

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Zak Bagans and his team are ready for another thrilling adventure. (Photo: Zak Bagans's Instagram)

She said, "I didn't get coached for this. I didn't see anyone slamming jail cells, acting as a ghost did it. I didn't have to pretend to be shocked with the spirit box said my name. It wasn't programed to do that."

Therefore, journalist Julie Jordan, an avid follower of the series, planned to meet the team and explore a scary adventure herself.

Jordan herself was skeptical about the authenticity of the series.

In August 2018, she joined the team to experience the surreal and started their horror haunt in an old mining town in Utah. 

As they went inside a building, Jordan felt a cool breeze pass through. Bagans detected a light anomaly pass through her. 

Jordan and Ghost Adventures team captured several weird sounds during the investigation through EVPs.

She believed everything the series showed on television was real when a small ball of light went across, despite any external source on the wall in front of her when the team left her alone in the basement.

Later, the team played the audio evidence to Jordan, and she couldn't believe her ears. She said the experience was horrifying. 

Is 'Ghost Adventures' Real or Fake?

There is always a flip side to every story. While some believe the series is real, there are accusations regarding the show being fake and unreal.

Vincent Amico is a longtime paranormal investigator who claimed series like Ghost Adventures showcase events that make no sense.

He and his wife have been on a paranormal investigative journey for fifteen years. 

He said encountering unknown forces is an extreme case as it won't show up on demand, and the lack of evidence makes it easier for the show makers to counterfeit the information. 

According to Amico, on-screen investigators can easily manipulate the EVP as we can only hear a buzz or static sound, which the investigators can later tamper by adding words to make it sound believable to their viewers.

The investigators use EMF sensors that light up when an external force is detected. The device sensors are very sensitive and easily disrupted, providing a weak link for proving their adventure real or fake.

Amico told Azcentral, the shows are unreal and misleading, and fake.

"A typical paranormal investigation takes several visits over weeks or months, he said, and most of that time would set off every tedium monitor in the place if such a thing existed," he added.

He said the shows have patterns they follow. Some people watch the show in disbelief, but Amico himself explained he had experienced a lot of paranormal events that he cannot describe.