Georgia Harrison has a had time dating now, especially after being traumatized by her past relationships.

She had participated in Love Island, a show where men and women take part in finding the love of their life. Unfortunately, she was not lucky on the show.

After the reality TV competition, Harrison had a series of back luck regarding her love life. From trust issues to traumatizing ex-boyfriends, Harrison is tired of her love life and is done with relationships.

Georgia Harrison's Upsetting Dating History

Harrison talked about her tragic love life with the Daily Mail on April 26, 2022. She confessed she would never date again because she had a lot of terrible experiences regarding boys and dating them.

She is 27 now and said she was at that age where she "should be dating and connecting with people." But unfortunately, Harrison had not been able to do so.

She has a completely negative perspective about getting along with boys and starting a relationship with them because of her experiences in the past.

She said, "I'm never dating again. I don't date. I genuinely think I've got a lot of issues." Then, clarifying her statement, she admitted she had a lot of trust issues.

Her trust issues had worsened over time to such an extent that she had to go to counseling. Initially, the Love Island alum believed that such sessions that would bring up her past would have a negative effect on her.

But talking to professionals helped her realize some patterns in her behavior that she did not notice before. For example, she learned why she dated men who did not treat her right.

Harrison said, "It's basically an underlying thing, and there's ways of dealing with it. So I feel like I've learnt a bit." All in all, such counseling sessions have been helpful to her, but it was expensive for her to go more often.

Georgina Harrison is done with dating and is now focusing on herself only

Georgia Harrison is done with dating and is now focusing on herself only. (Source: Instagram)

She wished she could go to counseling more often, but paying £70 (approximately 86.90 USD) was a little too much for her. She believed it was not "that expensive" but felt like it was.

As a result, she only goes to sessions once a month to talk about her tragic love life. Harrison also tried the celebrity dating app, Raya, to find someone to date.

She has been on the app for around a year but rarely uses it now. This is because the reality TV star is putting herself and her mental health first rather than focusing on her love life.

Georgia Harrison's Issues with Ex-Boyfriend

Harrison did not mention who the person who traumatized her was. But it is possible that she was talking about her ex-boyfriend, Stephen Bear.

In December 2020, the reality TV star accused Bear of taking revenge. He allegedly recorded videos of them being intimate on CCTV secretly.

Bear denied the allegations, but in January 2021, he was arrested at London's Heathrow Airport. It was done under the suspicion that he leaked explicit photographs of people without their consent.

Harrison took to Instagram to say, "Nothing about current circumstances feels good even the wins hurt me so so much cause as an empath I just see the best in everyone and want the best for everyone..."

Bear was bailed but arrested again in May 2021. He was then charged with two counts of disclosing private sexual photographs or films with intent to cause distress and one count of voyeurism.